Tell me about your dreams

No please don’t, it is SO boring when someone talks about their dreams and I never know how I’m supposed to react.

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Who am I to disagree?

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I quite like hearing about people’s dreams. I think people who say, “there’s nothing more boring than hearing about someone else’s dream” must have lived a very conversationally privileged life.


Big fan of dream chat. Been having a lot of failing-to-prepare-for-exam stress dreams recently. As one lucky DiSer got to hear about first-hand recently, I had a dream where I only got an E in my Thai A-level :confused:

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Mine have been really violent recently. I stabbed Dennis Wise in one of them and have been shot a few times.



Had a dream last night that I was on a date and it was going really badly so I went to the toilet and watched match of the day on my phone

Pretty much always a combination of anxiety dreams about mundane jobs i had years ago, weird wrestling-related stuff, and terrorist siege situations, with some sex thrown in if i’ve drunk alcohol.

i had a dream last night about several dissers (true story)

but dreams are boring so oh well

Oh @PocketMouse and @Witches we’re in my dream last night.
We were walking pocketmouses dog in a forest and there’s was loads of leaves on the ground. :grinning:


Yeah, I don’t mind people talking about them either to be honest, doesn’t happen that often, but my thread reply counts have been pretty low lately so I’m going for some #bigopinions

No better way to get DiS to talk about a subject than to say you hate it.

Current recurring theme where I start smoking again.

I’m mostly worried I’m missing the hot sex part of my dream and starting at the post-coital cigarette.

Fucked it now haven’t I

If you want a potential big hitting onion here’s one I’ve been sitting on for a while: all coffee tastes the same. Reckon if you stick to your guns on that you could get a few hundo out of it at least.


Fuck me, that’s strong, gonna go make a coffee and then come back and post it if you don’t mind.

Be my guest :+1:


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Get in the thread!

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It’s off to a good start. Lot of strong reactions. I quite like this - a little whisper in your ear and then the arguments begin. I imagine this is what being a really clever politician feels like.

Use your power wisely c’horse. I am a blunt tool.