Tell me about your favourite colleagues.

It’s time for some positivity. Working for The Man sucks but most of us, if we’re lucky, have at least one colleague who brightens up our day. This is a thread in which we talk about them. You could also talk about ex colleagues who were GBOL.

I’m going to use pseudo names for my two faves.

Bart is great, he sits opposite me and we make each other teas and coffees throughout the day. On Wednesday evenings he plays Dungeons and Dragons online with his friends. I always look forward to asking him about his ridiculous quests on Thursday mornings. His D&D name is hilarious but I won’t share it here because of aforementioned pseudo names. When I’m stressed he asks if there’s anything he can do to help, reader, there’s not, but I appreciate him offering. Barts a fan of smutty innuendo and so am I. We make each other laugh.
That’s how you get through the day.

I’ll do my other one if anyone else joins in with my thread.


Favourite co-worker was this northern irish lad called Joe who’d just shout BEERS at random intervals. This progressed to him coughing loads before or after shouting Beers. And if anyone mentioned the Tories he’d turn around and say they should be burnt or gunned down immediately something, just no filter at all. Still lives on my street so the only ex-coworker I’ve ever remained pals with.

Absolute gaggle of twats in my current trench, not a friendo amongst them.





I like Pseudo names


I feel for the second one…

EDIT: oh, I’ve just noticed that you’ve teased the content for the second one, like a subscriber bonus.

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I thought you’d forgotten the second one

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I have a colleague who hates vegetables and salad. Gets a footlong from Subway with just chicken and sauce

Sorry to hear that. I hope someone great joins your team soon.

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It’s cool i got two weeks left here :wave:

I have never had a footlong in my life. 6 inch all the way.


My favourite colleague, who for the sake pseudo names, and the fact I don’t know their actual name, and so don’t want to accidentally get it right, I won’t name, sits down the other end of the office and we have not once looked at each other.


Please shout PEACE OUT BRAHS when you leave the building for the last time.

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I work from home so my colleagues are just a Skype picture to me.

Bit sad about this because I actually like working with people.

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Already dreading having to say a few words if i’m given a leaving card. Think the most positive I can be is “the last six months definitely happened, good luck with the next few”


Would be good to have someone at work to fancy.


This is almost as bad as when the person in front of you gets their sub smothered in mayo

I am happy for you that you are leaving x

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Mm yes please mayo.
Chipotle mayo.

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I need a work crush so bad

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