Tell me about your favourite colleagues.


I thought you’d forgotten the second one

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I have a colleague who hates vegetables and salad. Gets a footlong from Subway with just chicken and sauce

Sorry to hear that. I hope someone great joins your team soon.

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It’s cool i got two weeks left here :wave:

I have never had a footlong in my life. 6 inch all the way.


My favourite colleague, who for the sake pseudo names, and the fact I don’t know their actual name, and so don’t want to accidentally get it right, I won’t name, sits down the other end of the office and we have not once looked at each other.


Please shout PEACE OUT BRAHS when you leave the building for the last time.

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I work from home so my colleagues are just a Skype picture to me.

Bit sad about this because I actually like working with people.

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Already dreading having to say a few words if i’m given a leaving card. Think the most positive I can be is “the last six months definitely happened, good luck with the next few”


Would be good to have someone at work to fancy.


This is almost as bad as when the person in front of you gets their sub smothered in mayo

I am happy for you that you are leaving x

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Mm yes please mayo.
Chipotle mayo.

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I need a work crush so bad

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I have to stare out the window and imagine fit people.

Haha I was about reply ‘but why would you mayo when you can chipotle?’ So you have been redeemed in my estimations.

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fave was a former colleague who’d do what she needed to do before lunch, and then literally put her feet up on the desk for the rest of the day and visibly do absolutely nothing. I think she actually did a side writing job during the afternoons on the clock. it riled so many people up and was hilarious. she was also an anarchist, who for a period, wouldn’t use whatsapp or facebook to contact me because she thought the police were tracking her over some incident.

left that job about 3 years ago, but she’s one of my atds now.


people get annoyed at me because my skype photo is so out of date

my good pal si. thought he was a bit of a gymbro at first but turned out he’s super into his death metal and whatnot. friday night after work is standard getting pissed now.

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