Tell me about your lunch, please


Need ideas, healthy if poss!


I had two home-made tuna and cucumber crusty rolls.

I bought each element separately and put them together all by myself. I feel as though I’ve started something here that could catch on. Perhaps I’ll contact the BBC and see if they want to run an online feature on me?


it’s “Wimbledon week” at the cafe at work

so i had the hot option which was pie and mash

now washing it down with a pimms jelly


so lame


Ooft deconstructed sandwiches.


I don’t have any. I will have whichever the tastiest looking option in the canteen is. I will update you shortly.


Just gonna have my usual egg mayo aint i



got leftover fridge/cupboard stew from yesterday, gunna grab a crusty roll to eat with it


I have a cereal bar and a nice pear. I have already eaten a(nother) cereal bar and a (not particularly nice) apple.

This is not a culinary high point.






left over rice noodles and other innards of fresh spring rolls so just gonna re-make the dipping sauce and fry it all up together


Boots meal deal


Potato wedges and chilli—nailed the wedges; it turns out you need to dry them very thoroughly after par-boiling/before roasting.


I had lunch at home today so had a roast chicken breast with cous cous. It was supposed to have roasted peppers too but I burned the shit out of them.



There’s so much, I’m not sure I can finish it.




2 fried eggs, sausage, wheaten bread, cheese, rocket

Still hungry


Ryvita + Philadelphia + grapes.

I’m ok though, I’ve made my peace with it.