Tell me about your lunch


Today’s misery box is another egg salad only this time it only had half of a boiled egg in it so I moaned and got given another half.

For the love of mercy, please tell me you’ve done a bit better than that.


East Anglian etc with etc


Wasn’t hungry enough for proper meal so gone for:

Fruit scone
Cheese n onion crisps
Pomegranate San pelly


still got a lot of breakaways left in the bag if anyone wants one


Tv ordered me an ahi tuna poke bowl and miso soup because he’s the best. I’m not 100% sure I feel up to eating raw tuna but I’ll certainly give the soup a bash.



I wanted gyoza from Itsu but they didn’t have any. So I went to Nusa and got Sweetpotato soup. It was very nice. I had 2 breads with it.


Your TV is a solid gold hero :yum:


Homemade humous wrap with falafel and salads


Had a bleecker black and some angry fries from spitalfields :hamburger::fries:



cheese and tomato pasta pot
tyrells vegetable crisps


Bowl of daal from Rola Wala and a Terry’s chocolate orange bar


Cheese on toast


Mozzarella, pesto and tomato on ciabata.

And I saw renowned soap actor Ross Kemp on my lunch break.


pork pie
2 x kit kat chunky from a multipack (so basically 1)
Tuna sandwich
Calories - 1 million


A student kept talking to me about Donald Trump and then another one started pecking my head about essay questions and then Sainsbury’s didn’t have any falafel wraps so I had leftover butternut squash risotto and a Wispa.

I now have to find myself an evening meal in Cardonald Morrisons at 5.00.


Tuna 6 inch from Subway.