Tell me about your painful customer services stories

Been on a live chat with Vodafone broadband support for almost 2 hours now, going around the houses with troubleshooting steps that have nothing to do with my issue. Doing my best not to lose my patience with the rep who is just doing their job and following the steps that they’ve been told to go through, but my word it’s getting difficult.

Please humor me with your stories of painful CS experiences and sympathy for the poor hardworking CS Agents who aren’t allowed to actually help us.

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Yodel are pretty bad. I lost a whole shipment because they delivered it to the wrong house and refused to accept that they had, and had to chase a delivery truck down the other day, shoeless and sweating, because the driver had dropped the parcel to the wrong place. He was really apologetic to be fair.



please wait for 24 hours and try again as I have helped you with the DNS settings and I would like to inform you that after the DNS settings everything can customer access so I humbly request you to please wait for the time frame.

They asked me to change my DNS twice - once back to Vodafone’s default and then to the settings I had at the beginning (Google DNS). At no stage was my DNS broken. Now I’ve gotta wait 24 hours before going through the same rigmarole again.

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