Tell me about your voice

How do you feel about your voice? Does that feeling if disgust when you hear it as a third party ever go away? Accents to…is yours distinct? If I can think of enough I might do a poll of regional accents so I can confirm that “generic southern” is the most common


Voice bad, accent good


Not a huge fan, always sounds weirdly childish to me when I hear it back.

Accent is fine, kicks into proper midlands clicks & grunts when I talk to family though.

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I’ve got this really half arsed Yorkshire accent that means working class people think I’m posh, and vice versa


Fine with the volume, and pitch, but it does all come out a bit fast and numbly undoubtedly due to anxiousness.
Some people say I have no accent, others say it’s Welsh as hell. Probably worse now I’ve been back awhile. In conclusion, 3 out of 14.

Awful voice, hate it.


Really really shit.

Awful. Boring and monotonous. Urgh.

absolutely hate it, would feel the same way about posting my voice on here that a lot of people do about selfies
also hate my accent and how it’s gone weird half yorkshire half don’t even know

And if you’d like to hear it* please proceed to the February DiS Does Art thread.

*sort of

I have a very generic southern voice with no discernable accent despite being born and raised in Norfolk. I find it hard to even do a fake Norwich accent. When I sing I hate my voice, it is either kinda baritone like Matt Berninger or high and squeaky. My nose got broken once when I was mugged and it has added a slight nasal edge to my voice. When I worked in a call centre used to have to listen back to my calls fairly regularly and it’s just awful listening to your own voice.

Hated it, used to curl up when I’d hear it played back to me. Did a podcast to try and get over it + get better at speaking in general and it worked, eventually you just get used to it, and I even got compliments on my voice which was nice, have ended up doing some voiceover work over the years and I’m currently the voice of a smooth jazz Czech radio station.

Still don’t really like it and would feel weird posting it here but don’t care like I used to.

I’m very neutral apparently and quite posh sounding compared to most from my town. Not sure how I feel about that


Got a habit to semi-lisp, especially when singing, that really annoy me. Also the same half-accent thing, so I sound English to Scots but Scottish to everyone else - stupid East Coast grumble grumble.

Decently happy overall though, not a voice that would make anyone fall in love with me but not a deal breaker either - perfectly good for delivery my daily witticisms and what more do I need really?

Weird voice. Too deep (doesn’t suit my body). Too monotonous (and I’m a boring enough prick already). Hate it.

Also got my dad’s habit (though on a much lower level) of talking far too loudly and getting louder and louder as I get caught up in something, even if in a quiet space with just one other person. Literally have to tell him “indoor voice” at least once every time we meet up :joy:

Does anybody have THAT accent…?


I can hear my accent now, didn’t used to think I had one

No one likes their voice so they?

Glaswegian accent softened by years of living in southern England. Some people think I sound very Scottish others can’t hear it at all.

Always think it sounds very childish when I hear it played back. Have issues with Ls and Rs.

Let’s be honest though friends, it’s probably the least important thing to obsess over. Barely ever notice other people’s voices do we, and certainly not in judgement unless they are Janice from the Friendships.