Tell me about your voice

Its alright, i like my accent, still cringe when i hear my voice back though

Sometimes feel self conscious that my voice isn’t lower, I’d like a deep voice

Sound like a monotone baby

High pitched - at least it sounds high when I hear it back like omg how have I not broken any mirrors yet
Half saaff east mixed with half posh from attempting to rid my common as muck accent when I went to uni
I’ve been told I have a good voice on a few occasions…like I think I’ve got that voice that can tell jokes and gives emphasis in the right places. Bit like daisy from spaced or something.

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Awful. I hate my voice. It’s low and braying, it usually mingles with background frequencies so I can’t be heard properly in busy or noisy places without shouting, which makes it worse. My accent is an awful mix of east Yorkshire flat As with affected RP that just sounds like nothing. I’m the last person you’d get to record an audiobook.

You have a good voice. Bit like josie long who also does

Oooh yes that’s a good one and she’s a bit lispy too.

If anyone asks me my voice doppelganger im gonna say her x

I just want you to sound like Kerry mucklowe


I can easily slip into full Devon depending on who I’m talking to tbh.


This, I did not know, and it excites me greatly.


I like my voice. Lots of people tell me they like it too, and my wife likes it, but wishes it was a bit thicker.

Posho south-sider Glasgow accents are some of the better Glasgow accents. When I was in the US it ued to get confused for Irish a lot which always confused me.

when I say ‘the voice’ I mean I say the name of the station and a tag line in English, and they play it between tracks. Not even sure if they still do tbf, probs replaced me by now

You have the best voice, could listen to it all day


I notice them when I’m attracted to people. If I find you attractive I automatically think your voice is hot. This is probably true of everyone though, I imagine.

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I like your voice.

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“There’s an important bowls game on and there’s Terry drinking his bodyweight in Stowfords Press!”


when I met Joke I was surprised how well spoken he was. Maybe all people from Corby are like this

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I can understand confusing Irish and Scottish accents in some cases, Ulter-Scots for example

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I had a disconcerting voice experience yesterday but given the circumstances of the vocalisation it will have to wait for the filth thread

This is now the filth thread