Tell me lies



Did you have to lie to your parents/guardians to cover going out on the razz when you were underage? I used to stay over at a mate’s house (his ma was fine with us drinking*) and say we were having chinese food and playing playstation. I distinctly remember moments of clarity on the dance floor in a metal night thinking to myself “I’m such a bad son, they think I’m round at a friend’s house being good”, then I would’ve danced on to white zombie or whatever. I got caught eventually *and it turned out that his mum was only fine with us drinking round at his house because she thought all our parents were too.


Can we get an actual age for this period of utter depravity?


When we were teenagers and on holidays with my parents my sister and I would be allowed out on our own to bars for a bit (this is when I was 15/ 16 I guess) but would be given a curfew when we had to return to our room by. My parents would take our room key to stop us going out again.

We would prop open the door of the room with a book or something and go out clubbing


Didn’t lie about this, they trusted me.
Lied about any and all mental/physical ailments, relationship troubles, money problems or anything I think would put them out/worry them.


That sounds almost exactly like my teenage drinking exploits. If we were planning to be out all night me and my mate used to tell our parents we were going round to our mate Neil’s house for his birthday bash and crashing there. They must have known what was going on as Neil had at least five birthdays one year.


Are you trying to make me feel more guilty? It must’ve begun around 14 but we wouldn’t have have gone “out out” for another year or two. There’d have been one or two awful school pre-formal things but the regular metal night attendance must’ve been when I was 16.


My parents always seemed quite strict when I was young - but when I look back they were incredibly lax really.

When I was Primary age I had pretty much total freedom to roam - and they let me go to Pubs and Nightclubs from the age of 16. They knew I was drinking as well

Think they were just pleased I had made some friends at my new 6th form (after a bit of a tough time at secondary)


I was caught out when I was 17, which I would imagine is relatively old to be still fibbing about this sort of thing but my parent’s are teetotal and my dad would be a bit weird about drink.


Just checking your mate’s mum wasn’t breaking out the hard drinks to a few 8 year olds because they thought parents were cool with it.


Never had to lie, really. Folks went for the softly, softly approach to drinking, smoking, smoking weed, etc. Seemed to work. Started smoking around 13, occasional drinking from about 14, spliffs from about 15 and experimented with a few other bits from about 17, mostly at home or friend’s houses. Got bored of it by my very early twenties. Think i’d have gone properly off the rails had they been strict. Didn’t help much with school and college work, admittedly, but…


No, not that bad, do you know anyone that’s happened to? Listening to Therapy? always reminds me of that period.


Oh yeah, I was smoking at 13 and I always lied about that (and anything else beyond alcohol)

Until one day my mum looked out the window after my sister and I both left the house together and saw us both sparking up.

That was a sad day for her I think


No no one at all I was just wondering. But equally I’ve never heard of anyone’s parent actually being, well, dozy enough to be okay with letting kids have alcohol on that level. I mean it just seems a bit amazing that she never verbally confirmed with any of these parents over something like that.


I think she just took my mate’s word for it maybe, or turned a blind eye to it. There wouldn’t have been too many times that she would’ve met or spoken with our parents, but I do remember that anytime she did we would get a bit nervous.


Yeah, their religion forbade drinking so had to hide my early experiments with it


I used to lie about going into town on a Saturday afternoon to hang around doing nothing. My parents were really strict and thought that me going to town just to mooch outside the town hall with my friends and a load of other teenage moshers was a waste of time when I should be studying. I had to tell them I was going shopping or going to the cinema even though I had zero money to do anything.

Also lied a lot about going to my boyfriend’s house in a nearby town as they didn’t trust me/him. He was a bit of a scab but they should really have realised I didn’t fancy getting pregnant at 15 either. Got caught once when I said I’d gone to the cinema and then forgot which film I’d said I’d gone to see.

They were always fairly cool about drinking - my mum used to offer me wine with dinner from when I was about 5 onward - but getting into a pub in Nottingham when I was 17 was impossible, they’d cracked down on IDs by that point


“going out for walk at 11 at night with 5 of my pals”=going out and smoking fatties.


Parents didn’t mind drinking so from the age of fifteen I didn’t have to hide it. Smoking weed was another thing though so when I was questioned about being stoned I used to like and say I was drunk. They fucking definitely knew I was absolutely fucked high though.


Never had to lie about anything honestly. My parents just wanted to know if I was going to do anything (drink/smoke/drugs) I’d at least talk to them about it first so they could inform me and know what I was up to. They never got angry, even when my Dad had to carry me home from house parties after spewing all over the shop :slight_smile: (thanks Dad) They’re brilliant. I think the only thing I ever had to lie about was my biscuit intake! Which to be fair was a bit much… those Jammie Wagon Wheels are moreish.