Tell me some nice instrumental music to listen to


Preferably with a bit of a spaghetti western sound, or not.


Labradford - Mi Media Naranja


I can sort of imagine some of this over footage of a desert maybe…



Really enjoyed the first track but that awful guitar tone on the second took me out of the game


Yes, I agree actually, had forgot about that one. I don’t think there’s any more like that on the album, and some of the better stuff is after that.


I confidently predict you won’t be disappointed with this. Perhaps a bit of a banger to be ‘nice’ though:


Have you heard western themed Canadian post rock supergroup valley of the Giants?


Listen to Howard Budd!


there’s a Miles for every occasion


Yes mate. I really liked Westworld but didn’t get on with the rest of that album. Will give it another listen though



Discovered after putting this on at the weekend that it contains really high frequencies that make my kids really unhappy. Same is true of ‘fixed:content’.


Never noticed that really but my hearing isn’t great. Completely love all the labradford LPs. Would love them to do something again in the future…


Morricone’s soundtrack to ‘One Upon A Time in the West’ is the best spaghetti western soundtrack. Can’t go wrong here.


You may enjoy this? Perhaps?


MIght I suggest Music by Ry Cooder


a collection of music he did for movies.


Oh, ok then. I’ll check it out again tomorrow




Calexico’s El Picador is a winner. I keep meaning to try to compile all their mariachi-style tracks into one compilation. Not that the regular tracks aren’t good, but I love the -exico ones best.