Tell me the happiest moment of your week

Went to a wedding yesterday

Getting the news from the vet that my dog survived her dental surgery


About now. Lying on the sofa with two dogs and a cat. And wine.


2 year old son asked for a hug and gave me a really nice one unprompted.


Just cooked and ate a quiche from LIDL that apparently serves four.


That was a great sandwich.

Joke - p1 is the highlight.

Very close second place was this header:


Really hated a bit of code in this project I’m working on so ripped it out and remodelled it as a little linear program and solved that and it’s very sexy

Got a half marathon PB yesterday doing a training run that was good too


When I went on a flying train (see the train thread).

I was chatting on insta with a Musician/Producer I briefly met about 4 years ago who I’ve always secretly wanted to collaborate with & finally told them I’d been wanting to work with them & they were like ’man, I’d be honoured, I love your stuff’ & within 5 minutes they’d set up a shared drop box

So that was nice

It’s mostly been a shit week though


Either seeing Alex G or having a nice date. Feeling pretty bad now though! Back to normal.

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The split second I thought my first volley on Soccer AM was going in yesterday

Oh shit I had a really vivid dream of getting into a fight with a dealer in a bank called Mr Atlantis, he was hitting me with a leek. I woke up laughing, it was definitely the actually happiest I’ve been and it was basically imaginary.


Had Tuesday off so took Mrs F to go and see our nephew and had a good time being very silly with him.


When I passed my assessment on Weds.

See you in four years, assessors :sunglasses:


Someone told me they liked my hair on Thursday, so I’ll be coasting on that compliment for the next 6-8 years.


I can’t pick just one so these are 3! Ramadan starting and seeing the crescent moon that is very symbolic in Islam. Venus was very bright below it which made me happy to see too. The chickens at work, they have brought me so much joy, i was there every break :laughing: and going to kew yesterday, i was looking forward to magnolia season and a sunny day and the weekend and all 3 coincided, it was cold but at one point it was so warm that if it weren’t for the mud i would have happily thrown myself onto the grass for a bit of sunbathing


Oops wrong photo at the end, i had chosen a less gormless looking one :weary:

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Nearly cried when Self Esteem had the crowd singing “some fucking wizardry” at them - a beautiful unusual level of whole-audience adoration.

Also last night when I drank a beautiful bottle of vinho Verde.


Hmm, well there were 2 good work adjacent things but probably going to go for the far more shallow option of compliments i got last night. Oh unless we can include last Sunday, in which case it would be my drum lesson :drum:

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Went to V’s parents evening and was very much told what an articulate, polite lad he is who tries his best. All you want isn’t it