Tell me the happiest moment of your week

Went to V’s parents evening and was very much told what an articulate, polite lad he is who tries his best. All you want isn’t it


Scotland scoring at hampden. Not once, not twice but thrice.

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was up at Haytor this afternoon waiting to pick my daughter up from a weekend away with Rangers, and had the dog with me so took her on a walk across the moor. She loved it! She was running and jumping and sniffing about like a dog ten years younger and it made me very happy to see.


Just remembered that I booked tomorrow morning off work. Amazing.


Finally made it to Stigbergets brewpub in Gothenburg, drank some tasters and ate chips while my son slept on me. Dreamy.

Waking up and realising the clocks had changed, having completely forgotten it was happening. Made it through what feels like the longest winter of my life.


V nice thread idea by the way, hope it becomes a regular fixture.


The Friday Bangers thread was nice #sadlittlelife


it really was though


Updating mine pls - having melt in the middle choc pudding with elmlea rn


Took our toddler to the water park thing at Center Parcs and her favourite thing to do was run into the water jets spurting out of the ground and stick her face in them and then act surprised. She did this over and over again and trust me, it was hilarious.


Think mine was when an issue at work I was worried about was resolved/worked correctly on Friday

Should’ve been yesterday when people kept complimenting my jacket and seeing mates and drinking and that but sadly I was too anxious and barely spoke

Last night, hearing Plainsong for the first time


Being at the Empire State Bastard gig tonight

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welcome to goth club :black_heart:

I had a moment in the week where I looked at my March playlist and realised it was full of great tunes, and that my love for music had been rekindled after a few months when there hasn’t been many new releases I’d loved. Admittedly, most are by acts I’ve been listening to for twenty years, so there’s plenty of scope for getting into some real new music, but one step at a time, yeah?


Came home late, thought I didn’t have chocolate but we have chocolate. Best moment of today for sure.

Friday I took a train from Paddington to Bristol to see a friend I first met at uni when I was 19 who has always remained important to me despite him moving west a few years back, which has meant hanging out isn’t easy or often.

But this weekend I got to hang with him, his wife and his two boys on Friday afternoon/eve, and then Sat morning after taking the latter to their football lessons, we drove out to Lyme Regis.

Today was a good day because we did a fossil walk and took a pub lunch looking at the sea.

But my happiest moment was yesterday evening, when we

  • bought fish and chips
  • opened beers
  • played Call of Duty split screen for six straight hours

Last night after my pals had gone home after a lovely dinner and I was tidying up a bit a wee bit stoned and listening to Yo La Tengo thinking “that was nice, this is nice”


Lyme Regis is just a place for solid good times isn’t it.

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