Tell me what you're currently excited by

Bit dull on here today isn’t it

I can see baby pigeons out of my office window.

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Seeing the Roots at the Jazz Cafe on Monday.

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Nothing, really. All the things that I could be excited about are things that could/probably will be pretty miserable in execution/consequence :confused:

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I have a jazz cafe stamp if you’d like to not pay

Unfortunately I have already paid (£55!) but thank you for your offer

get out

Also the new whale exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

they’ll be very good though

Alright, JoJo

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say hi to severed

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Aye, I can’t fucking wait :thumbsup:

hometime (5.30pm)


My boss has pretty much given me the green light to travel to New York and Singapore for work in the very near future so THAT.

Quite excited by the concept of no gym on Sunday and a lazy morning in bed. I’ve done 21 classes so far in June and I was away for 7 days this months so i’m knackered.

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Also unfeasibly excited for the start of the new season

Shit the bed!

Holding an interim review with one of my direct reports today and the other tomorrow.

Enjoy being a bit Tory with them and demanding perfection.

I’m still not skinny tho? Meh!

One of our classes has these screens up with stats on and it broke one day and revealed the top people who have done the most amount of classes in the last 30 days. One lady had done 48!! I see her in every class and she’s not dead and i’m like so fucking tired from just like 25 in 30 days.

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