Tell me what you're currently excited by

New Sofa - but won’t be here till August.

Quite excited to see Baby Driver now reviews are suggesting it’s decent

Excited on my eldest daughter’s behalf as she will be done with her A levels tomorrow - and off to Uni (hopefully) in the Autumn

Also excited on younger daughter’s behalf as she is off to college after the summer - she went to a induction type thing today and you could tell she was buzzing about it

That’s just daft, what kind of a life is that? (A really good one if you enjoy gym classes I guess)

Having a nice dinner tonight.

The potential for international communism.

ha ha ha good luck with that (just kidding I’m sure you’re a good cook)

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I’m actually going to a restaurant!!1!

2000 Trees next week!!!

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  • Getting to see Hex followed by Senior Infants later.
  • Getting paid this week.
  • Will be able to see my parents next week!
  • Meeting my GF at the airport when she arrives home in August.

Getting paid for a massive job I’m working on

BBQ on Saturday with some all-time ATDs I haven’t seen in months

Haha just looked this up as thought you were on about the Hex from Leeds who’re also top and you should check out :smiley:

Going to make a clay effigy of my old boss tonight because a qualified medical professional told me to. Really looking forward to it.


Going to Stratford to sit on a sofa that we might buy. My life is enthralling.

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Just the face or full Morph?

I’m going to have a shower at lunchtime because I’ve never used the work showers and want to before I leave out of principle.


Full Morph. But I’m going for a Jack Skellington/Morph hybrid to really capture the likeness.

Haha! It’s a new band from Cork, kind of a feminist collective plus music. Have Hex (Leeds) open in another tab right now!

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5 days in Snowdonia at the start of August.

I’m disproportionately excited about spending a few days in a barn and the prospect of walking around hills in the rain.

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I’m actually kinda looking forward to going to London next week to play music (hi LME’rs) with band and then see my parents, it’s been a while since i’ve seen them so should be nice


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