Tell me why I don't like Monday daily threads

Monday can do one can’t it. In better news, my wife has gone back to work today so hoping that slipped disc has sorted itself out.

Gonna try and stream the Brazil vs Mexico game at my desk today.

What’re you on with?


Day aff.
Just dropped the kid at pre school. Now hitting up my coffee shop. Baby is sick so probs need to go Dr. Might go out for lunch with wife but then baby might do the projectile vomitting everywhere

I was kinda looking forward to going into work today, that’s a bit weird, right?

Average prep day for a week of visits ahead then my last ever pub quiz tonight preceded by going for a curry.

Hey everyone.

Street party yesterday was actually ok, got fairly wasted in the sun then disappeared for the last couple of hours to nap and sober up a bit for date in the evening.

Date was ok, my ex who is supposed to live in Portugal now was in the pub with her bf, but we managed to avoid each other (not sure if she saw me but pretty sure she did) and the awks that would have ensued.

Date was a 2nd date. Not sure I’ll see her again though. Don’t think we quite click. The person from London who has a cool job texted me though and she is going to be in Brighton next weekend so that’s encouraging.

WFH today. Hoping the elusive floor tiles finally arrive

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our shitcunt neighbours were blasting fucking polka music all night last night. managed to get to sleep but then the dog started barking at half 2 coz they were still going and banging about in their kitchen so i went down, settled the dog and tried to beat the wall down with my fist. couldnt get back to sleep for ages, saw the sun coming up. so yeah feeling pretty fresh today

who the fuck listens to polka


the same people who think the best way to get rid of a bookcase is to break it up, try to burn it on the bbq, then just dump it in the alleyway behind the house when that obviously doesnt work

Throw another bookcase on the barbie. Staggering how idiotic people can be.


Fell through the bed twice last night.

at least their two kids definitely hate them, even tho i dont think theyre old enough to go to school yet

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I wholeheartedly agree.

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Utterly shite drive to work today. There was an accident on the A23, so I sat in a queue for over 20 minutes. YAWN!

Still, the sun’s still out, and it’s a four day week for me, and I get to see Bjork next weekend. Woo!


All the wood-fired pizza ovens in Italy are powered by old bookcases.


Today I will be mostly trying to ignore the thoughts I have reminding myself that it’s all physiological and that it’s all self-inflicted.

Lovely weather still though!

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WFH, supposed to be going to view a flat but gonna cancel I think,been south of the river too many times recently.

Need finish some notes then type them up. Then type up more notes.

Very good.

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I’ve always felt that I could cope with life a lot better if I worked a four-day week…

My wisdom teen and sinuses are giving me Hell. My face feels very weird.

Going to slog through work and then help my GF with some job applications tonight. Civil service ahoy!