Tell us a story about your lunch

doesn’t matter how boring it is!!!

i just walked around shoreditch, went in 5 different places looking for some kind of tofu curry thing but it wasn’t happening and then i got bored and hungry so just bought a pizza that is absolutely covered in gorgonzola. i think this is a win but i’m not totally sure.

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Menu up on the fridge says “pie and mash” so we were all speculating about what flavour, I said I really wanted something creamy like chicken and mushroom so I went down to have a look and guess what! CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM (and ham). Absolute result.

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once upon a time in a cafe far far away, there lived a little bowl of stew.

japes ate it.

and he afternooned happily ever after.

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Reheated some of last night’s pasta bake. Was very good but the breadcrumb topping was ruined by the microwave, obviously

i saw someone eating a ham sandwich on the bus about 8am this morning. did me in for a minute and then i realised i didn’t care.

Usual Wednesday comic shop then Pret adventure.

Fairly lame week for comics (in quantity, not quality). In Pret I had the chicken and chorizo soup, a posh cheddar and pickle cob and a love bar. Banging.

How were your human interactions this week?

I enjoyed eating a salad I’d made at home. After eating the salad I ate one orange, one apple and two (yes, two) small bags of Twiglets whilst speculating on whether it’s ok to beat a nazi to death or not.


Totally unremarkable. :frowning:

Surplus lunch following last night’s dinner: roasted cauliflower and couscous with mint.

Menu said “pulled pork sausages”.

Colleague asked why bother pulling it apart if they’re just going to mash it back together again.

Nearly two hours later I’m still not sure if he was joking.



Which pizza joint’s that? The one by the station? There’s a fairly decent one by the hotel if you’re after a pizza fix again.

I went walking around, went into a waitrose, didn’t like anything I saw, came back out. Went around the park a bit. I like walking back the same route and seeing the same people outside the cafes… something reassuring about it. I saw a man full on leg it chasing a delivery man who it turned out had nothing for him. Also saw 2 lettings agents give up trying to get into a high rise.

i went to pizza pilgrims. it’s actually kind of light and fluffy which is probably a good thing so i don’t go full carb crash in about an hour.

you mean voodoo rays?

Had my miserable lunch box with a veg patty and a bag of crisps all ready to go.

They had a rather nice looking lamb stew with dumplings in the canteen though so gave that a bash, with roasted veg and a bit of rice. Well nice tbhumble - Think I may have eaten the dumpling a bit hastily though, my stomach feels like it has a brick in it.

I haven’t had lunch, I had a Wetherspoons full English at about 10.30. They were doing some annoying tax protest which made prices a bit lower. Something like ‘This is what it would have cost if VAT in pubs was lower.’ I’m happy with my extra 40p going to the NHS or whatever tbh.

Was tempted to try the @ruffers technique, but worried it would ruin my toaster.


(Not that it does with this government obvs)

Nah Slice by old st. Can’t remember the name of the one by the hotel but it’s across from the electriicity showroom.
Have to be careful with the pilgrims, I live about 2 minutes down hackney rd from it. My flatmate thinks they’re too thin but they’re just good aren’t they.

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Your flatmate is an idiot, obviously.