Tell us about your best bags

Current racksack:
Just the right amount of pockets, no faffage, just a good solid rucksack. Fits my climbing stuff in perfectly.

Got loads. My comic shop sells them for £3 and usually gives me one free when I buy a fuck load of books. Favourite one is either my Alpaca one or one from Budapest.

Overnight bag
Not a fan of my overnight bag, it’s well awkward.

Messenger bag/satchel
Got a great crumpler messenger bag that’s waterproof.

Someone once complimented my taste in bags because of my messenger bag. Might be the only time I’ve ever been complimented for a sartorial choice in my life…

Just looks like a standard bag to me.

Got this beaut carry my joy on the left tote for the missus from the Bjork Digital exhibition:


I need a new rucksack, mines got holes.

Under £40
Not too big
Breathable enough to not get horrible back sweat
Don’t want loads of straps and bollocks everywhere

gimme some recos

I have a cheap rucksack from H&M that is serving my pretty well for the price. Occasional back sweat on hot days (but I think this is pretty unavoidable). It’s a bit like this:

Have a small Gola holdall that I use as an overnight/weekend away bag. Found it at my nans when we were clearing out her house after she died. Similar to this.


I’ve not found a backpack without of of those cage things on the back which does this. And I don’t really like them so just suffer with back sweat :confused:

If anyone ever asks me what backpack to buy, I would say one of Alpkit’s Gourdons depending on size. Not the most breathable (I wear it to work every day on the bike so bound to sweat) but everything else about it is great. Totally waterproof, pretty cheap, seems indestructible. I have to 20 litre version and it’s my favourite bag.

Tote bags: my favourites are the ones I got at a music festival in Poland but I can’t find pictures of them online.

Got a National Trust handbag from a charity shop. Is perfect, pockets, good strap, nice compartments, sturdy. Winner!

Jeremy Corbyn tote is my best tote obvs.

Got a FigRoll marks and Spencer shopping bag for life which I like.

Got a berghaus rucksack thing which us fine for day to day trips out.

Quite want a yellow Cambridge satchel, bit £££ though

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I got this for cycling to work a few years ago. It’s massive. So handy.


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Currently on this but it’s got the Cheapside thing on.

Use this for shopping:

I have this but its a backpack, not a satchel


A band tote bag that’s actually made of quite thick cotton. I use it for short shopping trips and traipsing round town.


tote bag: the company I work for, but it looks really nice :frowning:

Got a couple of these


Got lots of bags! My faves are my North Face Borealis, Tatami daysack, Under armour gym bag, Some nomark duffel that I got from an army surplus store. My favourite tote which I take to the supermarket is this:

(but in white canvas, not black)

Got it as a gift. Its the best.

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I need a new messenger bag! Give me tips.

Got quite a good ballbag. Getting a bit tough underneath nowadays, but it’s still a guddun.

this was my favourite but it just broke
everyone could see my stuff it was so liberating

favourite one nows probably vic and bob tote bag but thats breaking too