Tell us about your daily hot drink schedule

An oldie but a goodie

8am-2pm i’ll have 4-5 cups of coffee
2pm-6pm i’ll have a few cups of tea
After dinner i’ll probably have a cup if green tea or earl grey

But wbu?


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An oldie but a goodie

1 massive cup of tea at 0930 or so
1 ordinary sized cup of tea at 1600

Coffee when I get up in the morning.

Tea when I get into work and as needed through the day, probably two or three.

One at about ten o’clock at night. Either decaf coffee or some kind of green tea for wankers.

3 x cup of coffee between the hours of 8am - midday
1 x espresso after dinner on occasion

Reckon me and tea are through tbhumble.

Weekdays - 1 coffee between 6pm and 8pm
Weekends - 2 cups coffee, pretty much any time from 10am to 8pm

1 mug of coffee as soon as I wake up with breakfast

Anothers mugs worth from a klean kanteen thing when I get to work (about 10ish) - (I make this at the same time as breakfast coffee)

various cups of tea through the afternoon - maybe a couple in the evening

Had felt like that for a bit but i’m getting back into it lately.

7:30am - Cup of Earl Grey whilst getting ready.
9:20am - Cup of coffee at work
11am - Cup of Earl Grey
2:30-3pm - Cup of Earl Grey OR Coffee
4:50pm approx - Cup of Earl Grey
9-10pm: Pot of sleepy tea (Dozy Girl Tea | Bird & Blend Tea Co.)

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Mine is about to undergo a seismic change, due to an imminent office move.


First thing: Americano from my coffee machine
Arrive at work: Americano from canteen (£1.45)
After lunch: Americano from canteen (£1.45)
Arrive home: Americano from my coffee machine.

In a month:

First thing: Americano from my coffee machine
At work: miscellaneous cups of instant.
Arrive home: Americano from my coffee machine.

So I’ll be saving myself £14.50 a week and the environment.

Maybe it’s just english brexit tea I’m done with. Need to get on the earl grey and all those floral lads.

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tea upon waking with breakfast (~7am) (recently this has been coffee though, and today an iced coffee)
coffee when I get to work (~8.45am)
bonus coffee @ 9.30ish
tea @ 11
tea @ 1ish
tea @ 3
occasional 4pm tea
maybe another 3 more over the course of an evening


all bets are off, who knows tbqh

Between two and three a day.

Good point, well made

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ffs ttf


I currently have maybe 3 or 4 cups of green tea. that’s because I’ve run out of coffee, earl grey and milk and haven’t bothered to restock.

ideal schedule would be along these lines:
wake up: 1 cup of coffee
12ish: 1 cup of regular tea
afternoon: alternating between earl grey and regular. (somewhere between one and three cups)
8 or 9pm: one cup of green, regular or earl grey depending on what kind of a mood I’m in

will always have a hot drink with breakfast and then probably a wanky freshly brewed coffee as i’m pottering about the flat before doing whatever the fuck i’m doing with weekends

bike rides are always preceded by an espresso, punctuated with a mid-ride espresso if it’s a long one and then always have an americano or long black after, it’s the law

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9 - coffee
15:30 - coffee