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James lavelles soho radio show is usually very good:

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Well this thread died a death. Let’s give it another try.

I posted about this earlier in the hip hop thread.

KEXP are having a Native Tongues Day today. Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Monie Love and Black Sheep etc, etc and similar acts that have followed.

It’s pretty special.


Time is Away on NTS. Collage/storytelling…. Always wonderful

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Two very different excellent NTS shows. There’s also a very good osees special

These guys had a cassette out this year. Read about it on Boomkat & sounded ace so got one, and it’s really great.

Need to listen to the radio show now!

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Crunch and Crumble

Tell us about it!

Have seen that thread before, looked through it and I have no idea what it is.

Radio X, Ed Gamble and Matthew Crosby
Funniest thing about atm

These days Gilles Peterson on bbc6. Funk, soul, r’n’b, jazz, hip hop and everything in between from around the world.

Used to love coming in from a night out and listening to God’s Jukebox with Mark Lamarr on a Friday night on radio 2. It was a mix of soul, blues, rock n roll, reggae, hip hop and whatever oddities he found. Someone compiled a couple of Spotify playlists of all the tracks he played and I stick it on on random every now and then


Come on now.

The only one I really listen to is the Break Fasters breakfast show on Triple-R here in Melbourne.

My actual favourite radio show was this

even if I was feeling like absolute death from a Friday night out I still set an alarm to listen in if I could.

Posted this in HGWTY 1997 thread earlier this week. It’s fun.

Posted this in the Cowpokes thread. It’s pretty great if you want a bit of twang in your life

and just to balance it out I’ve been listening to a lot of recently too.