Tell us something inane


I sometimes go to this baby singing thing at the library on a monday (with a baby, cheers). The woman who runs it is foreign so sings in a foreign accent, but then all the mums end up singing the songs in a foreign accent too.


i am sitting on the floor attempting to assemble an ikea desk


My friend Karl always takes on someone’s accent almost immediately when talking to them, especially with Australians it’s excruciating and makes it seem like he’s taking the piss


was in the pub with an aussie mate last night and someone said i sounded aussie too :frowning:


My gf’s colleague got some cake yesterday. There was more setup to this story when I had to suffer through the telling of it, but that was the gist of it.


My father-in-law does this very unwittingly. It is difficult to go for a curry with him.


op too interesting to be considered inane



I went to get some effervescent vitamin things at Waitrose at lunch and they were in the 3 for the price of 2 offer on their ‘wellbeing’ products and the lady supervising the self-checkouts didn’t know that deal was back on until I bought them and she saw the offer on my self-service screen


I tuck the ball of my earring behind the lobe.


Do you ever pop your ear lobe in your ear hole?


Wow. This should be the op.


My knee hurts


I had soup for lunch and now I’ve got wind


The car park I usually park in at work was locked this morning, but because so many people are on holiday I managed to park in a closer car park than I normally can.


Not lately


Ever pop anything else in your ear hole?


Yeah cotton wool buds all the time, drives my flatmate up the wall.


I’m wearing a grey t-shirt