Tell you what guys, I'm a MASSIVE bumhat



Thread hits a hundred posts then it auto deletes.


Also, tags to come out in the order that you put them in.


so all that’s left are threads from you and jordan?

no dice, big man


That is what you would find in heaven. Unfortunately, after a tip off, I have found out that you will never discover this.


same with likes
seems to be no rhyme or reason to the current system


Let’s get this done. Ten likes and the post disappears.


Or three for a picture.


Seems a bit self-defeating


Can you stop being so fucking negative?


Sorry Lonzy, just not sure why we’d want to rid ourselves of great content automatically


you should be able to sort the thread by most liked posts

(I know the summarize thing sort of does this but not really)


I’ve never noticed the summarise thing before. Cuts out a lot of the chaff.


There should be a “summerise” function, which makes everything yellow and plays the beach boys when you activate it.