Tell you what I hate

when a TV presenter is doing a piece to camera and then it cuts to another camera and they continue talking but they’re still looking into the original camera

Hate it

Anyone got any minor gripes?

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dr steve brule confusion GIF


I was just thinking this very morning about making a minor gripes thread! I couldn’t remember the other minor gripe so left it, but the one i did have in mind was when you have to type a number in your phone and they give you the ordinary keyboard instead of the numbered one


That usually happens if the input field ‘type’ attribute has been set to ‘text’ instead of ‘tel’


<input type="text" name="phone" />



Haha i think i made a minor gripes thread once that had this exact OP.

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When people on Catchphrase hammer their buzzer before the timer starts because they’ve worked out the answer and want to get it first. Roy Walker wouldn’t have stood for that.


Watching morning news programmes, or listening on the radio, there will be a bit where they’re going through the day’s newspapers. I HATE the sound the. Newspapers make as they are flicking through them.

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when michael arteta goes outside his technical area


I hate that feeling when you are a few days into a drinking binge and you wake up with a hangover. The hangover is bad enough but your brain just feels … empty. There is no serotonin left.


That thing where there’s a loose paving stone with water under it and as you step on one end, it lifts at the other then drops as you move forward, causing a little bit of puddle water to spurt up and catch you right on the bottom of your shin/top of your foot.


When people point directly into a camera. Feels really rude and that culture shouldn’t accept it

Terrible, sloppy development. Shouldn’t happen.

You bet your sweet ass if I’m code reviewing this then I’m absolutely not noticing and it’s approved.

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Don’t like how Tony’s Chocolonely bars are divided up unevenly. I get it’s meant to represent the unfairness of the coca industry, but that’s kind of why I’m paying more money to buy one in the first place isn’t it?


Everything about Tony’s fucking Chocolonely seems to be really annoying on purpose.


I like it cos I enjoy the unpredictability of what size piece I’ll get next

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I love bagels but why do they have a hole in the middle, pretty annoying and fiddly

Wait, what?

I hate the person that invented these
Absolute nob. Maybe just stick to every other screw design that can be used by most screwdrivers, prick!


Think without the hole they wouldn’t be so dense after cooking, the hole is essential

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I’m sick of everyone going on about learning curves.