Telling someone they have bad breath or BO

Ever had to do this/felt like you should?

I’ll give my partner a heads up, obviously. I have a colleague in my team who often has bad breath and I don’t know whether it’s doing them a favour to say something to him. I’d want someone to tell me?

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“Hey… Can I offer you some Chewing Gum? No? How about aTic Tac? Sugar free mint?”


Reckon I’d only tell someone if
A) they were a very close friend
B) there was something they could immediately do about it
C) I knew they weren’t particularly sensitive over it


I think everybody that drinks coffee has bad breath. It festers.


Had a colleague with terrible BO but also a really petulant personality so nobody said anything. We did float the idea of calling into Radio 1 and having Edith Bowman or whoever the fuck say something that wasn’t totally identifying but close enough, but decided that was still too horrible.

So instead everybody avoided him and complained about it behind his back, which was much better for everyone involved, obviously.

this is not coffee related.

That also reminded me of one of my favourite posts of all time

something like:
‘Having a cigarette to fix coffee breath is like shitting yourself to fix your BO’


This thread has just prompted me to go to the work toilets and floss and brush my teeth as this is something I’m regularly paranoid about.


Oh god, me too. In fact… *scurries off to brush teeth*

I worked with a guy who had pretty bad BO, I think it was mostly down to him just never washing his uniform though. He soon got the idea when our manager called him up to the office and gave him a new shirt and told him to wash the other one.

Why are people taking their toothbrushes to work?

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think it’s just ma0sm

Are you calling witches a liar!


I’m at home :wave:


hahaha in your face Aggy Paggy


Why did you go all the way to the work toilets to brush your teeth then?

I like to steal the free soap and toilet paper.

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I also have one, but only use it when paranoid tbf.


On my forth day at this job, I got stranded due to a storm and had to find a nearby youth hostel to sleep in. I managed to get some new socks from Albert Heijn for the next day, and some shower gel, but they weren’t selling pants so I just had to reverse them, something I don’t enjoy having to do.

Anyway, the pants bit isn’t really relevant here, not sure why I mentioned it, but since I regularly head places straight from work, I like to have stuff here that I can use to freshen up.

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Just have a bit of chud if you’ve had a humming lunch innit

I don’t like chewing gum, and brushing teeth+/mouthwash is better anyway

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Have has to do this a couple of times for bo. 2 of the hardest conversations I’ve had to have. Mainly because it’s not their ability to do the job being questioned and it’s an incredibly personal thing.