Temporary work Glasgow/Edinburgh end of August?

Yo, bit of a long shot I know but anyone know any temp work going on in Glasgow or Edinburgh from the 17th onwards?

Think the bike dorks might need a directeur sportif

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straight in there!

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was about to put an additional ‘no sorry, good luck’ etc. post after :slight_smile:

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When is your employment window?

the rest of august, barring the two gigs I have booked (26th/27th)

There’s an admin post at my place of employment which closes today but it’s a four month contract.

I think I’m out but I’ll keep my ears open.

yeah not expecting much tbf barring a bit of flying during fringe or something

also if anyone knows of any graphic design jobs in Glasgow come September then let me know ha!

There are short term admin jobs at my place of work starting August if anyone wants to send me their (or family/ friends’) email addresses.

Might be obvious but I’m sure there’d be bar work going around fringe festival time? Maybe just call a load of random bars

Oh its an old thread. Stupid, stupid cunts.

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