Ten meter tower


Sweet christ. The lass tipping backwards at the end.


I assume the normal height in the Olympics is 5 metres?

To be honest I saw this a few nights ago and wasn’t really sure what to make of it. I guess I don’t know enough about diving.


it’s really high


nah the big one is 10m at the olympics

it is mental high, i’ve done it into the sea somehow that seems far easier than in a pool


I mean I get that. Is it dangerous to dive into water at that height? Does the swimming pool have to be extra deep? I mean I’m guessing there are some top quality life guards there so it probably costs a bomb to try it out. Wonder if you still pay if you wuss out (I hope so).


you’d get nasty injuries if you hit the water at the wrong angle. probably not lethal or long term damaging, but v painful

the old empire pool in cardiff had diving boards when i was a kid, think they let any old swimmer go off the 5 metre board, possibly 7 as well but not sure about 10


You can badly injure yourself if you land wrong on the water

Diving pools are a lot deeper than standard swimming pools

£5.20 for an adult, £ 2.90 for a child (at the London Aquatics Centre)
Booking essential.


lifeguard whistle



nope - can’t dive so would probably really hurt myself

no bravery in doing things you know are stupid


Have jumped feet first from a 10m board, wouldn’t risk trying to dive for possible over rotation and etc.




doing this in a 2 piece like most of these ladies are seems crazy, surely you’d want the extra support and that from a onesie?

fwiw think i’d opt for speedos (jammers, obvs) rather than shorts to do this too


That was so good. Such a simple idea for a film, but utterly absorbing from the outset. Felt so bad for those who didn’t do it, but so happy for those who did. And the slow motion footage of the freefall was beautiful.

I think I’d do it. I can’t dive, so I’d hurt myself, but most of the people in this just jump rather than diving, and they seemed fine.


Pool bomber
Pool BOMBer


the couple were wonderful. Frida, I’m going to go for it


That was weirdly enjoyable


yeah if you were in baggy bermudas the potential snapback could fully destroy your nutsack


So if 10m is just standard this is a video of how people react when they go up there? Fair enough. I assumed it was unusually high and was some kind of specific art piece :smiley:


It’s just the human condition on show, theobald


That couple were so adorable! Loved it.


You wouldn’t even get me up the stairs.