Ten Minutes Early Eve Thread

Yeah, don’t vote me as mod, this is the crazy renegade shit you get in return.

Fresh from the presentation from hell, drinking in the Smithfield Tavern on a ring road in Manchester (heck of a city, btw, some incredibly beautiful buildings around) and sent a bewilderingly dull PM earlier.

Whilst I read about West Indian Cricket, tell me what you sound folk are doing tonight!


Alright helium? Just abut to leave the office, meeting a mate for dinner (Smokehouse, Canonbury) and then going to the boozer for a few pints :cut_of_meat: :beer:

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About to go for mystery/misery lunch. Dreading it.

Gonna be like an astronaut returning to earth when you get back to east innit.


quite a few good ones on this list but its very meaty

5. Chicheme – A conventional beverage

Mystery lunch as in you don’t know what you’re getting, or mystery as in you have to solve riddles to unlock the pantry?


4. Carimanolas – A breakfast meat pie

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11. Platanos Maduros – A caramelized item


13. Sopa Borracha – Another dessert

Added this to my list of fiction:

19. Ron Ponche – A delicious affair


Panamanian food looks pretty grim

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Forget yesterday’s vote, this flagrant early thread starting is what’s going to cause the real schism in the Zeal/he_2 brothership.

In other news, off to meet an ATD and hear Pete Fowler talk about Monsterism/art

idk, i’d absolutely have a bang on the beef stew, caramelized bananas, tamales, and sanocho


It’s this and not the watering incident on your fourth birthday? Or giving Sam a bath?

Some joker did some cheeky shopping on my card so I had to call up the bank to report it, I haven’t been refunded but at least they’ve opened up a fraud case. :expressionless:

Frankly both serious issues as well, but this wins thanks to the formula:

(Seriousness of issue * how recently it occurred)

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Evening all. I walked home along the river and it was a total beaut, I love this weather and all the optimism of lighter evenings. Going to make cauliflower buffalo wings with Bajan hot sauce for dinner :yum: might treat myself to a nip of holiday rum to accompany.


fucking stupid ear what a piece of shit

Gonna have to work tonight as I’ve taken on too much work over the past couple of weeks, but now I’ve resigned myself to sitting at my desk all night I can’t motivate myself to get on with it

Pure sweating one out after having a lemsip. :weary: