Ten-packs of fags being banned


Baccy under 30g as well.

Good or bad idea?

As a casual smoker it’s probably good for me as i’ll never buy a twenty deck.

On the other hand, something, something, taxing the poor, vulnerable people, something, something. Surely even more people will just buy knock-offs?



Good idea, I’d have never been able to afford fegs if they were that price.



Good thing my gun uses blanks otherwise I’d have shot you dead before big tobacco ever could.


think it’s really stupid. if you want to ban cigarettes then ban them, otherwise let folk have at them.


yeah I’m all for it, doubt it will put people off though if pictures of people with mutations dont


idk, I haven’t read the relevant literature


This will either mean I never smoke again or will be hooked for good the next time I fall off the wagon. Seems high stakes.

I’m probably acceptable collateral damage if it stops kids ever starting tho



Aaaaaaa shut up


Just that thing where parents catch their kids smoking so make them smoke loads and loads on the bounce to try to put them off it but on a larger scale really isn’t it? Government’s being an aggro dad.


I usually buy 10’s
Guess I’ll start buying 20’s


I’m really going to miss asking for a pack of 20 and only getting 16 or sutin inside!


Ah good, shops will have stop stocking the nuisance sizes


How much are ten fags these days? I want to be astounded cause they were about 90p when I started smoking


Approx £5.00 for premium brands
Approx £4.60 for cheaper ones


Good grief!


Can you still buy Royals (?) used to do a packet of 25, two of them and you can make up a 10 plus two x 20s and stick it to the man. Empty boxes required so you’ll need to buy 2x 20 and a 10 and smoke them beforehand.


It was 24 i believe


Shit…need to redo the maths.


Fuck sake. Hate these bullshit gestures towards tobacco. You love the revenue, we love the fags, so let us do it how we want.