Ten Years of Compilation CDs

I posted this on the social board yesterday but I guess there may be folks here who only visit the music board who might be interested so I’m going to post it here as well, I don’t start many threads so sorry for the slight spamming!

I have (maybe foolhardily) started a series of blog posts about the CD mixes I regularly sent over a period of 10 years to a close friend who died of cancer last year. The plan is to create a Mixcloud mix of each of them with a short accompanying post (there are 50 of them though so this could take some time!). The first is up now, please feel free to have a read/listen. If I can keep up the impetus I’ll try and publish the links here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Missed this thread when it was first posted, but think this is a great idea :+1:


CD No.11

CD No.12

CD No.13

CD No.14

CD No.15

CD No.16

CD No. 17

CD No. 18

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CD No.19

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CD No.20

CD No.21

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CD No.22

CD No.23

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CD No.24

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CD No.25

CD No.26

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CD No.27