Ten Years of Compilation CDs

CD No.28

CD No.29

CD No.30

CD No.31

Hey. This is really cool. Both the making of the CDs and you writing about them. Stuff I want to see from a blog.

Keep posting them here. And I’m so sorry to hear about yr friend. <3

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Thanks. More than half way now, I’m quite enjoying mixing them on Garageband, if I was still making them I’d definitely do it that way rather than just sticking them on a cd one after the other.

CD No.32

Ok, so no one spotted I had not included track 9 (The Twilight Singers) on the mix, I’ve listened to it twice and only just realised! I will post a new link when it’s done.

It’s likely no one would ever have noticed but I know now so have to correct it! :slight_smile:

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CD No.33

CD No.34

CD No.35

CD No.36

CD No.37

CD No.38

I have seen the artist who fills the number 13 slot on this one a ludicrous number of times. One of my favourite songs of theirs as well! Love the words in the middle verse.

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CD No.39

CD No.40

CD No.41

CD No.42

CD No.43