Tenant dilemma

DiS tenant-y types, a little advice if you please.

I have had no hot water for 9 days due to a knackered boiler. Landlord (who is on holiday in Cornwall) got a plumber out last Friday but it turns out that the problem is electrical and outside of his remit. The landlord then managed to get someone from the manufacturers who is coming out later today. I’m hopeful that it will get sorted and normal service will resume.

But where do I stand from a recompense point of view. I’m conscious that the landlord has done what he can to sort it but it has been 9 days of disruption and inconvenience for me. Is there a ‘code’ about this sort of thing? Should I be asking for a rent reduction this month?

If my experience as a tenant is anything to go by then you will get fuck all.


You should ask. If you don’t get then I guess you have to decide where to go from there. I would certainly give you a rebate if I were your landlord.

My experience of dealing with disputes right the way up to the property ombudsman is that nobody will give a single solitary shit.


I’m tempted to say be grateful that they’ve tried to fix it as fast as they can and leave it at that…but it depends on how much you’ve been inconvenienced I guess.

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In my experience I think the best thing to do is to write down as a letter a full account of how this has affected you and make sure to include all dates and events. Then push the letter into your anus and go about your day.

Or you could bin it, I guess.


At least it happened in summer

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Actually I’d like to revise my answer. You’ll get less than fuck all because you’ll lose all the time that you spent trying to get anything back from this utterly broken system.


It’s a sin


State of this country :joy::joy:


See - this is the dilemma. I think he has done what he can but it’s 9 days with no hot water which has massively inconvenienced me.

Very much ^This


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What have I done to deserve this?


Tbh, I’ve always found landlords alright. Except the one that threatened to evict us, but even then she was probably right.
Just ask for a discount

Getting angry remembering this nonsense. Their response to a complaint that a lettings agent had been erroneously harassing us for underpaid rent (including late fees, increasingly threatening letters, etc) for six months was “it is appropriate for a lettings agent to seek to obtain rent for the landlord”.

I’m thinking I might just let this ride. Could be a useful bargaining tool later on…

What do people reckon about this then:

For context, we live in Scotland and rented the property through a letting agent.

My girlfriend was closing the front door one day and the door handle came off completely. We could see that it had been fixed to the door using chewing gum as the screws were no longer working effectively (it’s a wooden door). We can still get in and out of the flat and the door still locks securely (the lock is on another part of the door), however the handle is literally hanging from the door.

The letting agent wants to charge us £40 to have it repaired. I’m obvs gonna read up tenancy rights etc but was wondering whether people here think we have good grounds to protest the charge

if the fixtures and fittings don’t work/are in poor condition it doesn’t meet the repairing standard, in short it’s the landlord’s responsibility and there’s no way you should be paying for it


Absolutely ^this