Tennis - grass season time 😎

Also love how all tennis complexes look like they’ve been designed by an 8 year old who’s been given a massive lego set.


obv this didn’t happen in the end but they’re about to play eachother in the Rome first round, what a treat! there’s no scoreline that would surprise me there

Swiatek Jabeur and Kasatkina are my 3 favs and they’re all in the semi finals together at Rome

This is unlikely to ever happen again

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Hope they all win then


Swiatek’s won her last 27 matches now

Other longest women’s winning streaks this century:
Venus Williams 35 (2000)
Serena Williams 34 (2013)
Justine Henin 32 (2007-2008)
Serena Williams 27 (2015)
Victoria Azarenka 26 (2011-2012)

To pass Venus’s number she needs to win the Rome final tomorrow, the French Open title and one more match after that

Will she do it?

  • Yes
  • No

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(Obv nobody’s getting close to Navratilova’s overall record of 74 straight)

I only saw the last few games of the Iga-Ons match but that was some high quality tennis.

Great stuff. Chuffed that Ons made another final but Iga’s on a different planet right now

Has to be one of the most dominant title runs in a long time


Medvedev :eyes: I know it’s his first match back and he’s never been a fan of clay but wow

This is my kind of article

No ATP or WTA ranking points for wimbledon then
Been such a farcical year :smiley:. Tennis has been in the news so many times for off court reasons
Laughed at this


Last 12 months off the top of my head:

  • Osaka skipping pressers at RG and then withdrawing
  • Mcenroe’s comments about Raducanu at Wimbledon (not a big deal in comparison to the others but was a big story at the time)
  • Peng Shuai story and WTA withdrawal from China
  • Months of stories about Djokovic being antivax and then getting kicked out of Australia and not being let in the US
  • Barty retiring
  • Boris Becker going to actual prison
  • Wimbledon Russian player ban and backlash from both tours

Probably more. Wild

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Might try to start a protest about Novak not being able to join the wta


Also something grimly funny about the fact that he’ll lose the number one ranking to Medvedev even if he wins the title

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French Open starts tomorrow yay

Osaka - Anisimova’s a box office first round match. Anisimova’s having a quietly resurgent year, already beat her in Australia and is probs the better clay courter anyway

Swiatek’s the biggest female slam favourite since before Serena got preggers. hope she does it

men’s draw is annoyingly lop sided, Alcaraz, Djokovic and Nadal all in the same half which means Tsitsipas is favourite for his half again.

let’s gooo

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Also, Tsonga’s final tournament so his match on monday against Ruud could well be his last

Do I pay for a month’s Eurosport pass, given that I’m going to Primavera so will probably miss the quarters onwards? Plus I’m working in the office Monday-Thursday each week.

have they stopped showing it on ITV? can’t remember

Seems so.

cool to see Jabeur’s match opening on Chatrier, she’s officially big time now. she looks a bit nervous though

Loved Tsonga, when I was a full level Fed fanboy he seemed the only way to stop Nadal