Tennis - grass season time 😎

Remember it seeming like a complete disaster for Murray when he lost to him in the first round in Australia in 2008, but then he went on to the final and then… had his career.

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Definitely one of the biggest victims of the big 3 era.
him, Berdych and Ferrer would’ve all been proper slam contenders / winners if they were part of another generation

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You say that like it would have been a good thing

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Think Berdych wouldve found a way to not win one regardless of the competition actually

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aand that’s the first upset of the tournament. oops

Osaka - Anisimova delivering so far

not sure why Eurosport 1 are showing Dodin - Petkovic instead but I respect whoever made that decision

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Eurosport 1 should be showing a very thin cyclist trying very hard not to reveal that he intends to do nothing interesting at all today in the Giro.



really like Anisimova. think she’ll be top 10 by the end of the year

Guess it’s going to be an incredibly slow RG at this rate :upside_down_face: looking forward to it taking three days to complete the first round

I’ve paid £6.99 to watch it as well…. At least there is the roof on Chatrier.

It’s my fault. I’ve turned it on for the first time today and babs is stinking the place out.

Thompson’s tache is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

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It was her first match in 3 months tbf

Still don’t really understand what happened though, I watched the first set and she was walking it

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Just really really rusty I think

Don’t think Wawrinka has the cardio for a BO5

Jesus Christ that last point from nadal

Poor old Thompson is having the worst time of his life and Croft is wasting her time because nobody’s told her her mike’s off

He seemed a bit annoying. Must be horrendous getting battered like that mind.

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