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So currently we have the Hopman cup with Federer playing against Serena soon and the Brisbane international as well, all obviously leading to the Australian open and I think some tournaments in between.

I watched Kerber the other who was great, Federer seems a little flat but I haven’t seen Nadal or Djokovic yet.

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Good to see early season wins for Murray, Stan and Jo Willy. Watched the ATP site highlights of Murray’s win and to my eye he looked pretty rusty and underpowered. Personally I’d love to see him finish his career with a reversion to a touch and finesse game, but realistically I know a) he wouldn’t win much that way and b) he won’t do it. Guess the Medvedev match tomorrow will give us a clue as to how he stacks up against a good player now.

Feel this year really will be the one where we see the last of Federer, Murray and maybe even Nadal as serious contenders for the big prizes. I hope that doesn’t mean everyone else capitulates and hands Djokovic the Grand Slam. Time for Zverev to step up and the others too.

In other news, just over twelve months ago Jack Sock was number 8 in the world and beating Cilic and Zverev at the O2. Cycle on a year and he’s winning the doubles title there and is outside the world’s top 100. Weird kid.

OK that’s that answered. Konta also out and Edmund beaten by a qualie. UK’s tennis players taking Brexit literally this year it seems.

neither’s that suprising but i was quite sad to see safarova & radwanska retiring relatively young.
tour won’t be the same without aga, totally unique player

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We saw him play at the O2 just before Christmas. He looked pretty out of shape and was being carried by Bryan.

Figures. He’s always been a bit “bulky” and is a renowned party animal. Looks like dubs is where he’s happiest, so good luck to him.

Aw crap, missed that! Agree entirely, way too soon.

Feeling a bit emotional like.
Has had a great career but real shame he’s not able to play out his twilight years and retire on his own terms. Will miss him as a voice on the tour as much as as a player.

Hope he comes for Andrew Castle’s job now


The full press conference is really tough to watch.

I hope he’s able to get the treatment he needs to be pain free, even if it means that he can’t play professionally again.


This is absolutely gutting news. Not sure I can watch that press conference : (


Gutted about this. Poor Andy, must be so tough for him.
But what a fucking hero!


Dunno what I feel about this to be honest. It’s the nature of the sport that a lot of players end up going through a “rage at the dying of the light” phase at the end. Others feel the niggles, feel they’ve done enough and get out while they can still go through the motions on the court. Andy was never going to be one of them, and I’m sure all that emotion we’ve been seeing lately is primarily down to the fact that he absolutely loves playing tennis and is a bit trepidatious of what he’ll do next. On that score I’m sure he’ll be fine; he’s got a lot left to offer the sport and in time he’ll get over not being able to compete any more. In fact he’ll probably learn to enjoy it.

It’d be great if he could put up a good fight against Bautista next week. Given that he’s indicated it’s the recovery that’s the big killer for him he might at least have a small chance of winning, although presumably then he’d be a sitting duck in round two. The evil side of me would suggest that going down to a brave defeat on Rod Laver would be an apt bookend to his career, but he’ll get a great reception, which is the least he deserves. As for a Wimbledon send-off, well here’s hoping, but that’s a lot of grinding to go through. Perhaps he might just sack it off until Queens and then do a two tournament valediction. Doesn’t sound very him, but I’m sure he wants to be there badly.

The thing I wonder about, which may or may not surface in the next few days, is whether he could be in any fit state to play doubles at any realistic level, in which case the prospect of him teaming up with his brother for a few tournaments might be possible. Unlikely I’d say.

Anyway he’s a hero. I’ve loved watching him since 2005 and will miss him. When I was growing up I never imagined for a second that I’d ever see a British player win one Wimbledon title, let alone three slam titles, two Olympic golds, the year end number one ranking and a Davis Cup win. Unimaginable. I treasure the memory of watching him beat Radek Stepanek at Wimbledon in 2005 and commenting to a colleague that he was “the real deal”. A rare example of me demonstrating some tennis acumen.

Good luck to him. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

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I noticed Andy’s been helping fans out on instagram by getting them tickets to see him in his first game - made me think he knows it will probably be his last.

I know this isn’t the point you’re getting at, but one thing that that shows is that he has a strong chance of becoming the next Jim Courier of the commentary circuit, banging out expert perspectives with cutting humour to boot. He could leave a trail of devastation through the BBC’s superannuated commentary team.


He said in the press conference that he wouldn’t play doubles.

Ah missed that in the cut I saw. Ta.

Yeah yeah Juan, we can’t all be you :slight_smile:


The full thing is here (warning, it’s a tough watch)



Trigger warning: contains footage of David Cameron

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