Tennis thread 2019


I love him


Trigger warning: contains footage of David Cameron


Took the (English) public a very long time to warm to him. Offensively so. But now he’s pretty universally loved it seems so everything’s worked out well.


There are still come people (including Scots) who inexplicably can’t stand him. I dont know what more they want from a sportsman - better than all the bland media suck ups anyway.


Lovely guy, great tennis player AND means we don’t have people still droning on about Tim Henman


There’s always going to be idiots out there who don’t like sportspeople for dumb reasons - I mean there are people who don’t like Federer ffs


Yeah I’m not big into tennis or owt but I always liked the cut of his jib. Became the best in the world in a sport during undoubtedly its highest quality era. Few British sportspeople ever achieve that.


In spite of this I’ll always fondly remember watching him win his first Wimbledon. Didn’t just beat Djokovic, he fucking battered him from the off. At perhaps the peak of his powers too. Battered him. What a sight.


Hmm. Djokovic was a break up in the second and third sets and then there was that game (see above) to finish it. I think “battered” is a bit harsh, it was a hard-won victory.

He did batter Raonic in 2016 though.


Fair. The manner in which he won in straight sets over a player who’d hitherto held a dogged and convincing upper hand on him (marathon US Open final win notwithstanding) was incredibly impressive though.


Yeah there’s easy straight sets and hard straight sets. If anything having to work hard for it made it even more epic.


I am afraid I am going to have go against the grain on this one, before he started winning stuff he wasn’t that popular I think he came across a bit surly I don’t think he has changed much other than the winning. (It also maybe because I am massive Federer fan and he is such a gent).


Yeah I’m probably remembering it more emphatically than it was for personal reasons at the time tbf. The first set though Murray was particularly relentless.


He was always popular with tennis fans.


He’s a vocal feminist, shutting down sexist reporters and commentators, breaking the mould by hiring a female coach, speaking up for equal pay. He’s fucking funny too. I’d take him over Federer any day tbqh.




I’m trying to avoid getting into the whole “who is the nicest” thing, but would just gently note that it’s much easier to be charming if you’re winning all the time and there is more than one instance of Federer being less than a gent when he’s been on the end of a frustrating result.


Wasn’t Federer notable for being a hothead as a junior as well?


I’m not saying that federer isn’t wonderful in his own way - I just think Andy’s a lot more brutally honest and I appreciate that a lot.


Not quite a hot head but definitely more vocal on the court