Tennis thread 2019


Found myself wondering what I would take as Murray’s finest shot or at least most memorable, and alighted first off on his outrageous winner at set point and two sets down against Gasquet in the 4th round at Wimbledon in 2008. Bizarrely can’t find any video footage of it, but it’s still seared in my memory. That got me looking at other highlights videos, which reminded me:

  1. I love watching tennis
  2. I feel sad I’m not going to see him pull of those bizarre shots any more


He was an enfant terrible racquet smasher, but then he got a grip on himself.


Did you see Dan Evan’s shot yesterday?


No, although I had literally just checked that he made it through qualies. Got a link?


Murray - funny and good and normal and good at standing up to sexism.
Federer - boring but seems nice enough
Nadal - just boring
Djokovic - twat


this was good


Heh love that.



I take it you’ve not listened to his press conferences over the years. Plenty of examples of him being anything other than a gent when he’s lost.


Yeah I think we should all cool off on this topic, for today at least. We can get back to it when the old-timers are nursing their aches and pains later in the tournament.



more gutted now that he pulled out of den bosch last year when i would’ve got to see him play


Ah, you’ve mentioned this already - hadn’t read through the rest of the thread.


This cud be said of most players though it is easier to be nice/happy if your winning


Fuck me!


It’s cool, we can leave this for another time.



I should take a break from this stuff.


Always find it quite funny when people position tennis players amongst the ranks of genuine, true sportspeople. They will never reach the athletic or technical levels of the real greats of football, rugby, cricket, boxing and many more other top sporting disciplines.


Boxing isn’t a sport mate. It’s just punching.