Tennis thread 2019


I think I love him too, actually.


Can’t believe he won Wimbledon twice. Felt like it was once but then I googled it cos I had a feeling it was twice. Watched it both times as well.



Murray’s legacy is this: “When you think about Dunblane, you think about Andy Murray.” What is unsaid is the particular resonance of this achievement for a town that was previously synonymous with tragedy.

he is a beautiful boy


I think he’s going to throw his weight behind his mum’s coaching schemes and I think he’s going to make a massive difference.


Kvitova beats Barty in the Sydney final & now holds 6 titles

playing her most consistent ever tennis outside of slams and just had her worst ever season at slams, such a weird career trajectory

also De Minaur winning his first title at 19 :+1: seems like a good kid


Andy Murray’s great

You can see how the Dunblane thing affected his personality (or he may have been like that anyway) and it’s interesting


Really good when he won the tie break just then. Still think Bautista Agut will win this, but that was great to see.


Imagine winning a set in a Grand Slam tennis match with only 1 functioning hip. Ridiculous.


Love Murray.

I know it’s Michael McIntyre, but I love his bemusement throughout this:


Though I am still not a massive fan of Andy, I have got to give it too him, just read about his early life on Wikipedia as I had just assumed he had been born in Scotland started to play tennis and then was shipped off to a tennis school in Spain for the next 10 years and came back really good. But no he played loads in Scotland, and unless the tennis scene is much better than the south, the funding and facilities would not have been abundant especially compared to warmer countries and he had a dodgy knee. He really is a competitor


Man this is such a typical Murray match.


Yep. Not a terrible way to go, in 5 sets against an in form seeded player.


Better than hobbling through a straight sets defeat to Millman in round 2.


aww Muzz :frowning: least he went down fighting


Nishioka beating that twat Sandgren and sending him tumbling back down the rankings is a proper feelgood result though :+1:


love how much everyone loves Murray
this by Louisa Thomas is great as usual


Yeah actually crying a little watching some Murray highlights, sorta adore him


bloody hell it’s past 2am and Konta - Muguruza’s about to go to a 2nd set tb

sheer lack of upsets in the womens draw so far feels like a pretty big upset


Hsieh is an artist


Unfortunate for popyrin, could have seen it going differently.

And Tiafoe at the moment playing brilliantly against Dimitrov.