Tennis thread 2019


Really glad petra clawed that back when it was running away from here
3rd set plsss


here we go
never seen Osaka that rattled before


Yeah, Osaka could lose quickly now, seems like if Kvitová is playing her best and not having so many unforced errors she will win


I was also slightly underwhelmed if that was going to be it for the final but now we are back


gutted for Petra but she wasn’t at her best really.
Osaka though, from #72 to world #1 in a year. What a player
Li Na presenting the trophy :heart:


Yeah, I’m sure she will be in more finals at this rate, but Osaka breaking back straight away and getting 4 in a row was huge even if she also wasn’t at her best


Good on both of them. Hopefully Kvitova can bag a third Wimbledon this year.

I’ve decided I want Nadal to win the groundhog day final, on account of how many levels of trolling that would represent.

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Osaka’s such a genuinely loveabley awkward person, not even in a pretending to be awkward because authenticity is markeable way
when she meets anna wintour here and just stands there not saying anything :smiley: not sure i’ve ever found anything a sportsperson’s done more relatable. might try and get her posting on here in 2019


wasn’t fussed enough about this to get up early and watch, assumed i’d have to miss the end anyway. sort of regretting it now, what a trouncing


Getting really irritated by the tennis commentator fawning over Nadal on the 5 live commentary


So weirdly one sided- the tone was set from the first point; Nadal’s played like he’s been battling an inevitable defeat throughout.


have to leave now but still managed to watch the end, bloody hell what a thrashing

half an hour shorter than the women’s final

would rather neither of them win it but from a historical standpoint there’s a lot on the table if they meet again at RG now, chance for djokovic to win 4 in a row for a 2nd time (!) & he’d then be 1 short of nadal’s overall slam count


89 points to 53 is an absolute massacre!


OK so Murray’s gone for the resurfaced hip. Sounds good to me, he ought to be able to enjoy his life with young kids, not hobbling around like an old man. Guess we’ve got a few months to wait to see what happens next.


Dan “sniff” Evans into his second ATP final, with a decent chance of a first title against Radu “Machine” Albot.


18 year old wildcard Andreescu wins Indian Wells, mad. churn of new WTA talent is pretty relentless at the moment but that result probs trumps them all


so happy that Gimelstob’s been ousted, absolute lowlife of a man for many reasons.
disgraceful the number of people involved with the ATP who’ve either supported him or declined to comment.
still, Stan’s massively gone up in my estimation for what he said

(also Murray, Darren Cahill and Mauresmo but i knew they were a gbol)

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sorry for spam bumping the thread again but thought the Kyrgios interview with Ben Rothenberg was dead good. other than the obvious headline grabbers of him calling Nadal a sore loser and Djokovic desperate to be liked (both undeniably true and pretty funny to hear confirmed by a tour player), it’s a really unguarded and interesting interview and think he comes across well on the whole, would recommend listening rather than just reading the quotes

(shame about him being defaulted the day after it was recorded for lobbing a chair on court)

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