Tennis Thred 2018



They were both pretty undramatic to be fair, but that’s not really the point.


Arguably the women’s game is in better shape than it has been in recent years. There are a few fairly unorthodox young talents, plus of course there’s still Serena, and some of the more “standard” big players such as Halep, Muguruza, Kerber and Wozniacki are showing steel and competitive spirit. And that all makes a good mix. There’s still plenty of XXXova vs YYYova baseline bish bashes in any one draw, but people forget the men’s early rounds aren’t short of similar either.


if ti was possible to choose your job I would be a tennis umpire


Got to be able to hold a piss in for a long time.


or be ok wearing a nappy


:smiley: :smiley:


I’ve never seen either of these two pouring sweat like this before, let alone both, and they’re only 6 games in!


Pretty dominant start by Novak. Roof on definitely favours him too


Yeah he looks reborn.

Bit weird seeing these two doing their thing and it feeling like a comfy sofa rather than more of the same old.


Yeah. Helps that it’s their first slam meeting in forever


Awful game from Djokovic to get broken there immediately followed by a brilliant one to break back


This is funner than I was expecting. Some really good aggressive stuff from both


Yeah, I think they both want to wrap this up tonight if they can.


Not gonna happen if they stick to the stupid curfew
Feels like Nadal’s been the better player the last 2 sets, Novak just digging himself out of trouble with the serve


Great tie break, reckon that set was a steal for Nole. Bit annoyed that this will resume at 1 rather than earlier so the women’s final will probably be delayed


I make it 77 Grand Slam titles on show on Centre Court today, with Raven Klaasen the only slam virgin.

(Serena 23, Bryan 20, Nadal 17, Djokovic 12, Kerber and Sock 2, Venus 1)


Oops forgot Serena’s doubles titles. Make it 93.


This will never end 2.0
Quality hasn’t been as good since the restart :frowning:


First game was quite something. Then Henman said something about how he was surprised they hadn’t broken each other more and it was breaks a-go-go.

I feel the conditions are once again making Nadal an impregnable proposition. Only Djokovic or a bullet-server could make any inroads into him right now.


Nadal - GOAT