Tennis Thred 2018



Enjoyed the bit last night when Becker said Djokovic had the worst overhead in the top 100.


Miss your what would happen if tennis thread


Nole looks emotionally empty


Nadal’s lost his wig here


Wig glued back on


Nole tight. Nadal making errors. Classic.


Great, we’re gonna be here for hours aren’t we


Turned over to the cycling


Like that look from Vajda. “What are you yelling about? Twat!”




This is getting pretty good


Why are they playing with the roof closed…


Because the match was under the roof last night. If they’d agreed they could have opened it, but Djokovic will have wanted to keep it closed.


Spanish commentary after that point -

‘Viva el tennis!’


Fuckin Nadal man :smiley:


Always found wearing a watch would interfere with my shot. Who needs to wear a watch on the court anyway


Phew. That went on.


Multiscreening this and the footy, think it will be v good though. Expecting lots of competitive and fun points even if Serena wins comfortably


Anyone else see that Serena will tie Court for most major wins by a tennis player ever if she wins today?

Sort of crazy that she can be so dominant for this long and still not have that record yet. Similar to Federer still being behind Connors for major wins though I suppose.


You could say that it’s been noted…

The sooner Court is banged into an embarrassing footnote the better.