Tennis Thred 2018



Kerber’s handling herself well here. She could make this happen.


Sick of hearing Court’s name tbh, she won 11 Australian opens when nobody cared about them. Serena’s already the GOAT and it doesn’t matter if she gets to 24


plus the four other titles before the Open era.


Turning into a bit of a stinker this isn’t it.


Shame for Kerber, who’s nailing it. Not that she’ll care.


Clinic from Kerbz!
Probably overestimated Serena’s level cos she hasn’t had to play a decent counterpuncher yet, let alone one of this quality


Yeah let’s face it she’s slow. Hopefully she’ll get back to full pop for autumn or if not then next year.


:smiley: Kerber :clap:


Mum Kerber :cry: :smiley:


Snokes, was that you?


Kerber now 3/4 way to the career slam and back playing at the level that took her to number 1, really great to see.
Serena was probably flattered by the draw falling apart for her but still ahead of comeback schedule in reaching a slam final really


Lucky she didn’t come up against any Croatians or Belgians.


Also Kerber is now the 2nd player after Venus to have beaten Serena in multiple slam finals.
Players who’ve done it once: Sharapova, Stosur, Muguruza


Next time maybe I’ll take your advice.


Reminds me. I was thinking this might just be the last we see of Venus. Or perhaps just one more year. She really doesn’t look like her heart’s really in it any more.


whos that naughty australian player who said he didn’t give a fuck about tennis? has he gone yet?


Too busy counting his millions these days.


I like this


Very typical Djokovic that he’s about to win his 4th Wimbledon title after two years away from the top and still nobody’s paying attention to him cos the World Cup final’s on


She plugged away for years when she was struggling with illness so wouldn’t be surprised if she keeps playing for a bit but last year felt like her swansong as an elite player. 38 is ridiculously old tbf, oldest player in the top 100