Tennis Thred 2018



:smiley: noticed i was talking to myself even more than usual
pls come back

it’s not been my favourite season either tbh

at least whichever member of the big 3 wins here will probs have to play one of the others. Delpo at world #3 and leading his own quarter also makes me happy


stone cold amazing performance for a 20 year old in her first slam semi final

Feels like the hugest possible final narratively. First Japanese woman in a slam final up against her idol who’s still looking for her first slam after having a kid. A black player whose dad literally was inspired by and followed the Richard Williams coaching blueprint. Her current coach is also Serena’s former hitting partner
still gives the most adorably awkward interviews


Getting really cheesed off with reading all the taken as read assumptions that we’ve got another Nole Nadal borefest on the cards. Hope JMDP tonks both of them.


found the Wimbledon semi between them fun but still agree, Delpo - Kei final would be ideal.
Novak’s beaten Kei 13 straight times since he lost to him in that 2014 US Open Semi though! no idea how they’ve even managed to play that many times given Nishikori’s injuries


Well relying too heavily on previous matchups is precisely the deal isn’t it. It ignores the fact that both Nadal and Djokovic are now more vulnerable to a sudden drop in form. And of course Kei did manage to get his own back on Cilic, why not Nole?

It’d just be good for Juan Martin to get another US Open title I’d say. For all people saying that Murray would have won more slams in a different era, it’s indisputable that he was provided with the chances to, whereas Del Potro definitely would have mixed things up over the last decade if only he’d been able to get on the court.


happened twice in this first set alone. ffs take a day off


here we go Del Pony
well deserved that


didn’t realise Djokovic has played at least one other big 4 member in all of his previous slam wins. blown my mind a bit. not seen enough of him to know exactly how well he’s playing but always ominous when he’s hitting those backhand winners while doing the splits.

so good to see Delpo back in a final anyway. both players are going into it pretty fresh, could be a great one


Coin toss both of these finals aren’t they?

Fredo knocks off another hit and giggle title, and in defending a slam title pretty much ensures another odd bragging right over his little bro. Great for Bett Matt Sand though, after what she had to go through.


i’d say so. no idea what to expect here really, Serena’s the slight favourite i guess but not to the extent that people are saying. either or both players games could break down with nerves
going with Serena in 3 after a 2nd set wobble
HYPED, whatever happens


Bloody hell, this has got ugly
Game penalty against a home player in a slam final??!
Osaka completely unfased by the whole thing, hasn’t put a foot wrong


Lost what little respect I had for Williams tonight. Absolutely disgraceful from her

But fair play to Osaka for staying calm in what was a toxic environment. Deserved that.


absolutely amazing, nerveless performance from Osaka and pretty gutting that that’ll be overshadowed by Serena losing it and the moron crowd


Feel so much for Osaka. Williams had no respect for her during the match. Tried to make up for it in the presentation, but too late for me Clive


can’t really be bothered defending Serena cos she was a nob and would’ve lost anyway but you regularly get players saying much worse to umpires and not being penalised, needs to be more consistency with the ruling


Oh, and incredible match from Osaka. Aside her forehand failing occasionally, she played unbelievable stuff


I’m not saying that, but agree nonetheless. Still think if that was anybody else and not the final they’d have been ejected from the game mind. Those comments prove to me that she believes herself to be above the rules. They are a disgusting abuse of her status. But it’s ok, because she’s a mum and has a daughter.


It feels odd to feel sorry for someone who’s just won their first major tournament, but there it is. Feel sorry for Osaka. Serena was an absolute disgrace tonight, but i’m sure she will feel no shame and continue to shout that she was wronged. But besides the overwrought drama, she was beaten fairly tonight, and deep down she knows it.

Never meet your heroes.


chris evert bow is the new theresa may dance, but funny


Didn’t players just give speeches at the end, making them answer questions in an interview just seems crap given how exhausted they both would be.

Osaka won the first set 6-2 and was playing brilliantly when Serena was double faulting before any of the controversy, it’s hard to think that Serena would have got that angry if she was winning, and Osaka not letting it affect her shows how good she is. I too feel bad for Osaka and the crowd were shit

And Serena was going off way too much, it’s hard to say if a game penalty is fair but she could have just put up and just lost a point.