Tennis Thred 2018



yeah I was really looking forward to her victory speech after the iconic Indian Wells one :heart: :frowning:

this was good from the presser anyway

what an angel

she’s gonna have plenty more winning moments anyway. already has the huge game, the defensive skills and the temperament


bloody hope JMDP pulls this off, been a car crash of a tournament from start to finish tbh but couldn’t ask for a more likeable and satisfying pair of winners than him and Osaka.
also cool to see Ash Barty finally winning a doubles final, even if it had to be with Vandeweghe


seeing Novak in final boss mode again makes it even more bizarre how crap he was for 2 full years after completing the 4 in a row
could’ve cleaned up in that period and overtaken Nadal’s slam count already


least if he wins it’ll wind up the annoyingly partisan crowd for the 2nd night in a row


Currently seems to be more bothered by the partisan crowd than Osaka did. Which is weird (but textbook Djoker)


This game has lasted too long


His poor form was mostly down to an elbow problem that he finally had surgery to correct earlier this year.


Yeah he hates it. Don’t think it negatively affects his game at all though, seems to galvanise it. Is pretty used to the crowd being against him given how many slam finals he’s played against the beloved Federer and Nadal, one against people’s champ Tsonga, one v Murray at Wimbledon, etc.


just here to post solidarity with Serena
white male players do far worse all the time

hope she’s reading this


Yeah but they also get code violations for doing it. The only debatable decision by Ramos was the third violation, which he could potentially have left. That said she’d just loudly called him a thief, so there you go.

It’s sad that it happened, but she’s not the first great champion to have anger issues and she won’t be the last.


Got a terrible sinking feeling that Djokovic is going to go off and do the calendar slam next year now, before knocking off a few the following year to break Federer’s record, marking the inevitable next step where the next holder of the record is an actual robot.

The only thing that can save us is if he joins the Moonies before he gets there.


fingers crossed for another Nadal win at the French to stop that

(or it’d be nice if someone new* won a slam, either is good)

(*not Isner)


The men’s game just desperately needs the equivalent of Osaka to come along. Depressing to see the likes of Thiem and Zverev appearing to not quite be able to make the last step up… yet. As you say, watching the slams getting ticked off by Nole and/or any number of other crumbling old-timers is a depressing proposition.


Theim / Rafa for the French. Australian will be interesting… Djoker has won it so many times (vs the US open, which he had/has a poor record in the final of) I don’t know whether his motivation level will be there or not. He was pumped for the US, as he was in Cincinnati (the only Master’s series he hadn’t previously won). So much of his game is mental, will be interesting to see if he has that edge in Melbourne (if he does, he’ll likely win it!)


a lot can change in an off season but it’s a bit ominous given Nadal’s the only player who can challenge Novak at his best right now and his knees can’t take a full hardcourt slam anymore.
do think Zverev and Thiem have both shown signs of progression this season though, even if it hasn’t been as smooth as people hoped


I used to feel this way about Djoker, but his list of achievements in the era he’s played in is nothing short of remarkable. The fact he still doesn’t get the support of crowds in majors also leaves me pulling for him


He’s Chelsea. It’s a rollover when he wins anything because literally nobody cares.


Yeah it’s a toughie. It’s not even as if you can accuse him of being boring. His athleticism has always been eye-catching and he’s as capable of a Hollywood shot as any of the other top players. As you say though he’s just always the crowd’s second favourite. Something just a bit… odd about him.

But it just wouldn’t sit right with me if he ended up the holder of the slam title record. Partly because Federer is clearly the better player, partly because of making up the numbers with a load of Oz titles (less of an issue now that it would have once been) and I guess also because if he were to do it then it would definitely be because his old adversaries had fallen by the wayside and no new ones had stepped up to challenge him.

Won’t happen though. He’s got another three in him tops.


tbf most of Federer’s early slams were racked up against comparably poor competition. Think as Djokovic was born into the Federer - Nadal era he’s had to face the toughest competition to win his of any great player ever. This was his first ever slam win where he didn’t face another member of the big 4

don’t think he will get to 20 though


I guess we can’t see into the future. Any further titles will either be by beating Fed/Rafa/Muzz when they’re not at their peak; or by beating the new generation of players. If he wins another 10 slams against that opposition i guess @colinfilth has a valid point (but at this point there’s a lot still to be done, and you could argue that wining in this era for the number he has is INCREDIBLE - I don’t know the numbers, but I imagine he has a higher number of slams in the era since all 4 have been active at the same time, given the number rafa/fed won pre-djoko/murray)