Tennis Thred 2018



Enjoyed this pic


was there on friday, loved it. spent almost all my time watching the doubles, so good to watch live.


struggled to keep up with all of last weeks drama due to my world cup fever.

looking at the men’s draw, happy that Delpo’s still in the running given a few people tipped him to lose early, think as with Nadal the heavier conditions play into his favour - gets more time to line up that forehand with the higher bounce. QF between those two could be good
not sure if anyone in the top half can beat Federer but I wanna see Tsitsipas in the SF rather than one of the servebots


Our whole office is getting to leave at 4 on Thursday to go to Wimbledon wooop


Just watched the Today at Wimbledon bit with Federer and Mannarino. I have two observations.

  1. In thirty years’ time when Federer is dragged back on middle Saturday to sit through the day’s play he’s going to look very amusing with massive Dennis Healey eyebrows.

  2. Adrian Mannarino is the subject of possibly the best joke I’ve ever made, which is: I shot A Mannarino, just to watch him die. So I’m grateful to him for that.

Apropos of nothing @shrewbie today I was confirmed as the worst picker of women’s matches in our office competition, so next year I’m not going to ask your opinion :wink:


I find the words that come up on today at Wimbledon really really annoying like



really odd that they do that


That was very annoying


I suggested Kerber over Keys! kind of

has been a pretty wild tournament though, looking at that line-up

think the weird court conditions have definitely been a factor, never thought of Kasatkina as a grass courter and Bertens & Gorges have both had their best results on other surfaces.
really pleasantly surprised to see Ostapenko playing this well & defending her QF points anyway. Kasatkina - Kerber could be fun


Fair point. Keys was the worst choice in that section, even Venus did better. Ostapenko is currently the top scorer there, but I guess it depends on who comes through that half.

I’m doing OK with the men’s, but I’ve got to root all out for King Kev of Wimbledon to save my face.

For what it’s worth the best selection up to now is Stephens, Plíšková, Ostapenko, Kasatkina, Bertens, Sevastova, Williams, Pavlyuchenkova [The rules are that if your seed loses in round one then you continue to get the results of the player that beat them hence Vekic, Giorgi and Hsieh].


She definitely isn’t. She took Barty out simply by repeatedly getting every single ball back, and as you say, Barty just couldn’t hit through her.


she is a clever player though and has a fair bit of variety.
if she can do a similar thing to Kerber it’ll be a great match, Kerbs needs pace and rhythm to play off and Kasatkina will give her neither. has beaten her 3x already and pushed her close at Eastbourne


Just saw a few games of he highlights of Azarenka and Fredo in the mixed. Vika looks in extremely good condition. Surprised she didn’t make more of a splash in the singles.


I think the thing I like most about Kerber is that despite touring the world for years her English is still a bit shit. Shows a bit of a fuck you all mentality :slight_smile:


not going how I hoped so far :frowning:


aye, not sure how to assess Vika’s singles comeback given all the personal issue’s she’s had, wonder if she’s also less motivated than she used to be though. was one of the fiercest competitor’s on tour


Well that was quite a breakpoint.


Long live the Queen.


I was trying to follow those two matches on the BBC live text, but the flipping between Giorgi/Gorges/Goerges on their feed left me really confused.


Ostapenko has never played any of the other semi finalists
Wonder if that’s a first in a slam


Murray on the BBC sounding like Wikipedia on the player stats :laughing: