Tennis Thred 2018



Always thought he’d be a great pundit, seems genuinely nerdy about the sport


He’s going to be a really interesting commentator, only with a really boring voice. Sort of like John Lloyd only with some knowledge of tennis.


Novak - Kei has been fun so far, pretty lame that the BBC are showing Federer over it


I guess Federer not being on Centre Court becomes enough of a story that he’s now the centre of attention…


obv it’s about popularity and Fed is by far the most popular player but he definitely gets excessive levels of preferential treatment
Novak - Kei and Rafa - Delpo is a great Centre Court lineup imo


They make no bones about it. Federer is who the majority want to see, so they show him at every opportunity. The BBC Wimbledon coverage isn’t and never has been for tennis fans, it’s for the British public who happen to watch a bit of tennis for two weeks a year.

And personally I’m not that peeved about that. It’s no excuse for continuing to employ goobers like Inverdale and Lloyd, but it does serve the public, and the fact that we can now watch most courts online means I’ve spent quite a lot of the last week and a half watching my laptop, while the telly has football on mute.


Have we had Murray commentary yet?

Also I want to hear about @DarwinBabe’s evening at the tournament.


yeah doesn’t bother me that much, got the other match on eurosport anyway but without commentary for some reason.
been really good this, would be a proper smash and grab if Nishikori pulls it off. has faced pressure on a load of service games and won his only 2 BPs


Djokovic holds from 0-40, hope extinguished


That’s a vintage Nole thing to do. Did he have his eyes shut on any of the points?

Was rather struck yesterday by how unaffectedly respectful Murray was about him. Just goes to show, for all the on-court rivalries they all know and admire just how good the others are.


Ooh Kev’s breakened!


Yeah, used to be a lot of needle between Federer & Djokovic, and Fed & Murray clearly never used to like eachother but think they’ve all mellowed out these days


switched over when Kei started to tail off, seems to be making a match of it


here we go! Anderson has always been my favourite of the servebots


Getting excited despite

  1. He’s still not going to win
  2. I’d still prefer Federer to win
  3. Anderson v Raonic/Isner…
  4. Anderson winning still wouldn’t rescue me anything other than pride in my competition


yeah that 3rd point might swing it the other way for me too
Murray’s on commentary for Rafa - Delpo btw
this was a reply to @colinfilth


Federer OUT
not too happy about that half of the draw now, really enjoyed the stunned quiet of the crowd though


good patter


It’s Cotter he’s co-commentating with isn’t it? I’d have liked to hear him alongside one of the ones that gets confused by tiebreaks.

Wouldn’t it just be great if Federer and Nadal both went out on the same day?


Wish I hadn’t picked both Roger and Kev in the picking game…