Tennis Thred 2018



How many try-hard Disser points do I get for watching these two go to fives sets rather than… watching something else?


will still be going after it ends at this rate


Going tomorrow now


Enjoy, and make sure you tell us about it!


bit gutted that Delpo lost.
Nadal - Djokovic is intriguing though, think Djokovic might be playing better tennis than Rafa but also looks more brittle. Will probably be really high quality, just find matches between these 2 a bit of a slog to actually sit through.

Got my popcorn ready for Ostapenko - Kerber now


Bit of a soggy squid that wasn’t it.

Bit emosh about that Novotna tribute earlier.


Matches I would try to get to see if I was @DarwinBabe going this afternoon:

Fredo and Vika in the mixed on Court One.
Bjorkman and Woodbridge v Bahrami and Ivanisevic on Court Three.
Maybe a spot of the wheelchair tennis on the outsides.


Fuckin’ love Serena Williams so much


hope the final is as good as the other two Serena - Kerber slam finals
both players looking great


Well I was right with my mixed tip. Some cracking rallies in that one, and a nice tense finale.


Also amused that after two weeks of blazing sunshine Jamie Murray’s face is still a patriotic pale blue colour.


Vika having a go at Inverdale :ok_hand:


Seem to remember him being on fairly good behaviour for him. But still, ahahahahaha!


Not sure if any of these guys are very good. Isn’t isner that fella who had that week long match or something


Have they not mentioned it yet? If not then it’s coming soon.


Spanish commentary barely talk unless it’s Nadal. Pretty much just analyse the game at the end of the game and in between sets a bit


That sounds great. I’m not kidding when I say there was a women’s match last week where the commentators (both women) started discussing what a good girlfriend one of the players would make for some lucky bloke.


they’re two boring big servers and i’m boycotting the match
hope Anderson wins though cos he seems alright and Isner’s a known Trump voter




Anderson is like some kind of non giving up tennis guy