Tennis Thred 2018



7-6 6-7. Who’d have thought…


this will never end


Actually been quite enjoying this as it’s gone on. Still hope Anderson knocks that twat Isner out.




was only 6-6 in the deciding set when I posted this


I said it during “that” match. Fact is Mahut and Isner was a match between two players who were fucking awful at returning, not just good at serving.


I’m calling 15-40 then Isner serves four aces.


OK just the two then.


Imagine the state the final’s going to be.


Just realised. This match is now going to end up being called “a classic” in the future isn’t it. :frowning:


I vote they bring Nadal out to return for Isner and Djokovic to return for Anderson.


if it drags on until tomorrow, they could just have Nadal-Djokovic on Sunday and tell the winner of this they can play the final ‘when they feel better’ then just never get around to it.


watching Draper (:uk:) - Mejia (:colombia:) in the boy’s semis
this one’s only 17-16 in the deciding set. Draper actually looks pretty good and is 2 years younger than his opponent but has blown 9 MPs or something


OK I believe.


Won it on pelanties.


Fucking ridiculous making juniors play non-tiebreak sets btw.


KING KEV :crown:


The fuck Inverdale “The first time in 97 years a South African in a Wimbledon men’s final”?

Well yeah if you don’t count Kevin Curren who “became” an American two months before he did it.


Enter Nadal and Djokovic, faces set to maximum scowl.


was so quiet yesterday for the women’s semis omg.

wtf is wrong with people saying the women’s game is boring.