Tennis - US Open 🎾

Tennis is on. The French tennis. Angelique Kerber the reigning Wimbledon champion and fifth seed is already out. I’ve had to use the urban dictionary to decode some of the Guardian’s livestream coverage and the new stats widgets on the RG website are defeating me completely.


There is other tennis that’s not Wimbledon?

Yeah I think it’s some sort of warm-up tournament for Wimbledon.

It’s even got Inverdale in it! He hasn’t said anything offensive yet, but I’ve already switched to Europsport just in case.

I only like watching the grass tennis. And even then mostly just to see how the courts wear over the course of a tournament. That said i do like it when the clay goes everywhere, like WHOOSH!

Petition is a really good song

i miss the thread that was called “the time for noticing tennis is approaching”


I was unaware of it, but I gave it a try out of respect for you.

2/5 would not listen again.

I was told to close it.

Tittypass playing to an crowd of three hommes and a chien on the main show court.

Gotta love French indifference.

was really happy to see a couple of Tumaini Carayol pieces in the guardian lately

loads of good freelance tennis writers out there not getting enough work from the UK papers cos they’d rather just get Kevin Mitchell to write everything


I miss the days when Wimbledon was held at Selhurst Park.

What an interesting article. Hope she has a good summer

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horrible stuff from Osaka

Schmiedlova is a great name.

Would this result mean another twist in the tale of the fierce fight to be WTA number 2?

Osaka’s only defending 3rd round points so could stay #1 regardless. Halep won last year so can’t reach it. not sure how far they’d have to get but Pliskova (please not again) or Bertens could make it with deep runs

I shouldn’t really mock. It ought to be healthy that there’s a several way fight to be the best woman player.

The other day it just popped into my head that in 2002 and 2003 there were eight different winners of the men’s slams, but only nine players have won one since.

here we go
still on for the dream 0-6 7-6 6-0 scoreline

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think there’s a happy middle ground between the recent flux of the WTA and the stasis of the ATP. Osaka holding 2 slams is decent enough grounds for her being #1 though tbh, hope she keeps hold of it til the US Open

We need something to occupy our attention while Djokovic wins the next eight slams.