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Shit Danny will always be immortalised for stopping Djokovic doing the grand slam, which he now never will do.

He doesn’t owe us anything else

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Medvedev’s stats on serve have been pretty bad all tournament other than against Alcaraz. Looks to have regressed to that and also isn’t getting a sniff on Djokovic’s serve, not a great sign

Point that ended with Zach Braff on his feet clapping was brilliant

Also the 3 net rushes from Djoko in a row in the same game. His net game’s so much better than it used to be

Med has to take set 2 or game over.

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really high quality set this, much better than the first. djokovic’s volleying has been insane and also his choosing when to come to the net

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what a point, again

It is, that was Meds surge and it was quashed. Bed for me, would like to wake to very, very, very unlikely news but Djokovic is one hell of a player and athlete.

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ridiculous set that. 1h45, dunno if i’ve seen a longer one that didn’t go into overtime? medvedev played extremely well and it still would’ve been a steal if he won it

A djokovic classic there. Think he was behindnon every statistic and still scraped through in the clutch moments. Was. Similar story in that 2019 wimbo final against federer.

other way around i thought, novak won 6 more points in the set so a pretty clear win

think federer won more points in the wimbledon final though yeah, would be gutted

Thought Mallorca would be mad for tennis since you know one of the greatest players to ever play the sport was born and raised here. Not a single bar shows the final! Missed the women’s yesterday but literally had to come to the Rafa academy cafe to watch the final


Medvedev should have had that second set, gutted

Oh really? Only glanced at the stats tbf.

aye, djokovic on the right


looks like they’re both knackered after that now anyway. cba watching the end, i’m outta here

I knew he’d have a jacket with 24 on it.

It was white. Do you think he had it left over from Wimbledon?


Novak’s incredible. To play at the level he has for as long as he is is just unreal

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h8 Djok

Brilliant (the old letter, not the video)

I think this might be my favourite track of his

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