Are you not invested in Roger Federer, Shrewbs?

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Still enjoy watching him and am glad he’s still knocking about but not really. find the universal fawning and adoration kind of ofputting and whether he ends his career with 8 or 9 or 10 wimbledon titles doesn’t really matter to me


I see. Thank you for your explanation.

Can’t get it to come on my telly

Djokovic winning this without breaking a single time is going to be so fucking typical.

  • Wimbledon
  • Wimblingdon
  • Winboldon

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wish that twat doing the peace signs would sit down

they should change the surface to carpet at wimbledon

  • at the US Open

that dot is an asterisk

djokovic is the spit of my mate Michal, think thats why I like him

this hasn’t been very good

Are we watching the same match

I can imagine this match and I can imagine why you would both see it differently. I suspect the phrase that probably sums it up is the banality of evil.

I wouldn’t begrudge Djokovic if he just slowly paced the court with 2 middle fingers aimed at the crowd if he wins.


love how literally all umpires have that nondescript continental accent.

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Yeah, as much as I want fed to win clapping double faults is pretty poor

Pretty standard for a slam final though.

5th set has been compelling
still a weird and disjointed match tho with neither player playing v well at the same time


Some fucking match this

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