I really want to play more tennis.

since playing a few times recently and realising my previously broken wrists don’t inhibit me at all, and making some good shots, getting a bit better every time I play, it’s made me more excited about watching tennis too.

fun and good game.

I’d really recommend you or anyone else interested in playing more recreational competitive tennis check out the Local Tennis Leagues website and sign up for a league in your area. Matches are played on public courts so you don’t need to be a member of a club to play. I signed up a few months ago and have had some great matches out of it. When you first sign up they ask you to complete a questionnaire to measure your ability and put you into a group accordingly so there shouldn’t be a complete mismatch between you and your opponant. I think the ability goes from experienced club players in the top groups right down to people who have only recently taken up tennis. Leagues are mixed gender as well which is cool

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Considering how much I love watching it, it’s hilarious how bad I am at playing it. I reckon probably a half-decent seven year old could wipe the floor with me.

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thanks for the tip!! I’ll let my friends know too. that is cool :slightly_smiling_face:

@colinfilth see, I got bored of it a while back, but knowing I have some potential for doing Nice Tennis Shots has me intrigued again.

watching courtside slo-mo footage on Youtube of serves and slice backhands and etc

I have a decent if uncultured whip of a topspin forehand already - I’ve surprised my friends with a bunch of crosscourt winners à la Andy Murray! - and I have pulled a bunch of unreturnable serves out of the bag on occasions…

buuuut mostly, I badly need to work on that serve, and also on my backhands and shots near the net.

also when the ball comes at me high.

most things, hahaha.

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Noler loses to Sonego 6-2 6-1 :grimacing:

Zverev domestic abuse stuff is properly grim

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Djokovic’s shit netplay is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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Medvedev was stunning all week. Especially in the semi-final and final, what with going behind and having to adjust strategy in both.

His swing is so strange and gangly but he manages to create crazy angles, plus he’s got an actual personality. Definitely my favourite of the current crop of “ones most likely to”, looking forward to 2021!

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was a proper narrative-smashing run, commentators clearly wanted Nadal and then Thiem to win.
more impressive than the other unexpected winners we’ve had the last few years cos he was up against a healthy field

decent chance of either him or Thiem reaching #1 if it’s more of a normal calendar. only thing that’s kept Nadal and Djokovic above the pack in slams is the sheer attrition of 2 weeks of best of 5, can see that finally shifting

I only saw a couple of minutes of the final. The last time I saw Medvedev play was last year when he was quite the worst player at the net I’d seen in ages. I can only assume he must have fixed that otherwise at least one of the guys this week would have hooked him in.

Certainly Thiem looks a decent candidate for the next number one, but if Lanky’s permanently upped his game then who knows.